Ouija Board





Introduction: Ouija Board

Have you wanted to talk to spirits but can't find a Ouija board? Well here is how to make one out of paper!
What you need:
-a few pieces of paper, (without lines)
-poster board (optional)
-a maker, (any color)

Step 1: Practice Making the Design

Practice makes perfect as they say! It's best to practice in the font you will be using, also with the design this way you have less chance to 'mess up' the board.

Some key things to remember are:
-"Yes" has to have a sun
-"No" has to have a moon
-Have a "Goodbye"
-You don't need a "Hello" but it couldn't hurt

Step 2: Making the Board

This step is for those who are using the poster board. If you are just using paper then you can skip this step.

Cut the board so going up and down it's 2.50-3 inches long and 3.75-4 inches long left to right. (or just a big enough rectangle so it can fit everything)

Step 3: Writing the Letters

Write the alphabet, numbers 0-9, Yes, No, and Goodbye. (Hello is optional). In this step also do any decor you want (and hopefully practiced on scrap paper)



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