Our family Haunted House started out around 15yrs ago with the kids wanting a party instead of going trick or treating so we decorated the yard and everyone had fun scaring the trick or treaters. The next year we put more effort into the decorations and the next year and the next, until now we're upto around 1600 square feet of covered haunt and much more in the yard. There are a lot of props and ideas adapted from the pages of instructables. If you see your idea used THANK YOU and please post a link to your page in the comments

Step 1: Getting Started

We actually begin planning next years Haunt while we're building the current years, or at least start swapping ideas but the real work begins early in september with the erection of the portable carports which we then cover in black plastic with wire fencing on the outside for protection and to keep the plastic from blowing. The inner walls are built tinkertoy fashion from 2' pvc pipe. A HUGE tip from instructables,  I remembered almost to late to use, was to cut approx 1"wide pieces of the pipe and remove about a 3rd of the resulting ring, the remaining 2/3's work a lot better than tape to hold the plastic "walls" to the pvc supports, next year we'll LOTS ready to use !
These prices are too high! I get better at Costco.
LOL.. You mean in the butcher shop? That's where the email said the comment came from. we ended up closing that down because it wasn't making any money = S
Oh well. :( I have skeleton envy. I don't have a connection like you did and can't afford to buy the medical ones so I'll be trying to make the paper mache ones from this site. https://www.instructables.com/id/Paper_Mache_Skeletons/<br><br>Not for a haunted house, but basically just to creep the neighbors out. And the family, of course. Can't forget them.
wow amazing i just give candy out yours is amazing
LOL, at least your participate ! My neighbors now figure that they participate enough by putting up with the hundreds of people each night of our haunt although the majority of them also look forward each year to experiencing what we've done. It's taken a lot of time to get where we are and considering the budget we try to stick to ($1000-1500 a yr) we do pretty well. Be warned.. if you start Haunting it can quickly become addicting !
That Was awesome thanks for posting. I love Halloween so much you gave me some good ideas
Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it ! Halloween is like an addiction around this house so its really fun to share with others, be sure to check out my other haunt related &quot;ibles&quot; and if you get a chance show us what you create !
what can i say THAT WAS AMAZIN!&quot;!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2000/10 STARS!!
Thanks for stopping by ! We have a LOT of fun during the days we're open (this year we're trying for 4 nights) It's a lot of work but the thrill is addicting. I should have some new prop &quot;ibles&quot; coming up in sept and oct and then in nov, one on the new and expanded haunt. I hope you stop back....
I love your setups! I would love to do this myself but i know if I do I will leave most of it up all year!... And while my fiancee would be all for it.. I dont think my neighbors would appreciate it!... lol But I will do some of your stuff next year I cant resist!... I cant wait!... I want to start right now... So who knows what it will grow to by next Halloween!...<br> I will definitely take pics and show you how I do!<br> One thing tho... What age of kids do you think can handle all of the scares?...
oooops, hit the wrong key ! You really have to leave it up to the parents, and we dont allow any kids to enter without a parent. You can follow me on facebook, Correa Ct Haunted House if you want and be sure to check out the Haunts of many of my &quot;friends&quot;
Thanks for the great comment ! If we didn't use temporary shelters Id probably leave a lot up all year myself. We start planning next years haunt while we're still building this years, I have probably 2 dozen sketches of layouts and possible new &quot;gags&quot; already, some which will be used and some due to time constraints or cost will be shelved and of course like any plans they change as we begin working them. <br> <br> We try to knock back the scares when we have little ones go thru but we have kids of all ages enjoy themselves so much they want to go back thru again but then there are those who refuse to even enter, even teens and young adults

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