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We moved into a new house and I wanted the cats to be able to enjoy the beautiful Alabama climate but also wanted them to be safe.  We had a window in the basement that could be adapted for a "pet door" although it was high and would need boxes in the basement so the cats could reach the windowsill and pet door.

Step 1: Determine Size

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To fit between generator and a/c unit I decided on 10' x 14' x 8 ' high.  Made list for Home Improvement store for 4x4's, 2x4's, 100' roll of 2x4 fencing.  2 x 10's for framing bottom and used a pre-hung door I found in the basement of home I bought.
Do you have any snake issues with that large gauge of wire?
bythepiece (author)  NaughtyZooty1 year ago
Not yet. I live in the City but adjacent neighbor has 10 acre woods. Another neighbor saaid most neighbors bring in pets before dark as many have been killed by coyotes. We have seen coyotes, hawks, racoons, hear owls and snakes. The only things that go into the catio so far has been birds and lizards. I have put down snake repellent the first few years and try to keep lawn mowed. Locals tell me snakes here avoid cats. Most of Alabama seems to be rural.
RustyRoller3 years ago
Just a cautionary note ... You may want to be sure that you won't encounter code violations ... and that depending on where you live, you can either de-construct in case of serious weather concerns (such as tropical storms) or that it will stand-up to high winds.
bythepiece (author)  RustyRoller3 years ago
I appreciate that info especially for anyone reading this where they may have even stricter codes than we have. So far it's held up for 3 years and I knew I might be found out and have to remove it so I planned it to be kinds strong but temporary. I was thinking someday I may replace the center window with a door and convert it to a screened room with a stairway from the top floor. Thanks Rusty!
nneul4 years ago
What a fantastic idea.
Lucky cat, but no pictures of your furry friend enjoying the beautiful day =) Good job.
bythepiece (author)  cdawisconsin4 years ago
Thank you. I'm going to look for some more catio furniture at yard sales. Did get a good deal ona Dog-Loo (doghouse) may re-name it Cat-loo.
i also have doghouses with heat lamps in them. you run the cord thru pvc pipe to keep dogs from biting it and being killed. the cats have doghouses too and one is heated with a red heat lamp bulb. get them at lowes or walmarts for $8. plus shield it fits in.
dgoss4 years ago
i started with a 20 by 30 ft enclosure then added another area on and then 2 more and now its 100 ft by 100 ft. part is enclosed on the top and part of it has a 3ft overhang. inside the enclosure is a 14 by 16 ft building. air cond. and heated with furniture and cat tree's. for great pics of smaller enclosures got to just4cats.com
wakojako4 years ago
nice 'ible, allthough at first i thought catio? patio for cats or something compleatly different but it tuned out to be just what i expected. very good
bythepiece (author)  wakojako4 years ago
My first 'ible. Thank you.
your welcome
Dorinda4 years ago
great idea
bythepiece (author)  Dorinda4 years ago
There are a lot of Cat Enclosure websites and you can find ideas to fit any situation. This fit our house and I take so much pleasure to look out the window and see them enjoying thi=eir space, day and night.