<p><a href="http://www.buildeazy.com/stickchair-1.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.buildeazy.com/stickchair-1.html</a></p><p>-Same chair I believe, since this 'ible is blank.</p>
<p>Where did the Instructible go? Did the author remove it? All I see are the comments.</p>
Any one have a picture of the chair folded?
These Chairs are great! I have a couple made out of oak that I love. The one difference though that you might try is that instead of all-thread I used rope passed through the holes and a large knot tied on either end. I like this because it allows it to flex a bit and curve to the shape of your backside. It also gives it a bit of flex which helps it fold flatter.
Great instructable! I've been looking for plans on how to make a new one. I just used scrap lumber left over from jobsites, and tension wire from chain link fencing. I really like the foot stool/table idea! Thanks for sharing! <br>
Nice wheels!
Thanks for design have been looking for it for a while, friend has one just didn't know where he got it. On his chair the four longer leg pieces were 1x2 instead of 1x1, I don't know if it increased weight limit, but i used it and I am 250lbs, and you barely notice because excess sticks out on back and bottom.
I agree ! The 1 x 2 is better for the legs if you want better weight limits. Thanks for your positive input!
Awesome chair, thank you for the idea and instructions. Unfortunately one of the problems I am having is the vague instructions and unclear pictures. Drilling of the holes on the wood pieces are not simply drilled 1 inch from the end on all. The pictures even show that the holes seem to be in different locations on the back, connector and seat pieces. I am having to go back and make adjustments. Regardless, i look forward to using the chair once I get it figured out.
Thanks for showing how to make one of these!!! I also saw one made in which the seat and the back were connected by a wire some how insead of a bolt!!! <br>Very Cool!!!
Ray, I beleive I may have seen the same chair as you being build using a rod. All they did was cut the rod long enough to bend over on the end so about 1 inch was bent. Then a small staple, pounding it over the bent end of the rod. It looked like it would work pretty well. the rod ws less thatn a 1/4&quot; in diamter.
If you forget to thread on the nut you can take the all-thread to the grinder and chamber the rod to grind off the damaged threads. This technique works great if you have a long screw you have to thread into a non-visible hole by allowing the bold to sink into the hole without the need to thread it at the same time..
Do the appropriate back slats (looks like the third ones in from either side) rest on the long seat boards that make the long legs? <br><br>I'm a tad over your suggested weight limit, so I'm looking for weak spots that I'd need to reinforce. If I lean back I'd be driving the back into the seat-legs at that pressure point, for example.
I just sat on the table by mistake! Of course the rawhide lace snapped. I'm replacing the rawhide with the 1/4&quot; threaded steel rod. Everyone should do the same for safety sake!
Sorry read it wrong.
No worries mate!
Its good for BILLABONG camping!
U might be able to put 1/4 nuts on 1/2 rod but I can't.
where do you see any 1/2 &quot; rod mentioned, take another look
The contest is &quot; The Summer Camping Challenge&quot; Please vote for my intrsuctable! Thanks everyone!
The lengths are in the Chair Cutting stock list: <br>(6) 1&quot; x 1&quot; by 29 &quot; long for the Back<br>(2) 1&quot; x 1&quot; by 35 &quot; long for the Back Legs<br>(6) 1&quot; x 1&quot; by 15&quot; long for the Seat<br>(2) 1&quot; x 1&quot; by 35&quot; long for the legs of seat<br>(9) 1&quot; x 1&quot; by 7&quot; long for the seat middle
Thanks for pointing out my stock numbers. Please vote for my instr. in the Summer Contest thingy!
How long are the two pieces that extended from the back of the chair, the ones that are extensions of the 15-in. seat pieces?
So it looks as if your parts list is incomplete. You have 8- 1x1x35&quot; pieces for the back and 8- 1x1x15&quot; pieces for the seat, but looking at your pictures it appears that there are 2 longer back pieces and 2 longer seat pieces that act as legs. What are the measures of these longer leg pieces or what's the length of the shorter seat &amp; back pieces?

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