Our Halloween Party Costumes - Race Horse & Jockey





Introduction: Our Halloween Party Costumes - Race Horse & Jockey

This was our costume for a halloween party.  To make the jockey, we went on Kijii and bought a pair or English riding boots someone had for sale. White rain pants were used for the leg wear. The helmet was a riding helmet & I purchased a red helmet cover. I went to the dollar store & bought a santa hat which I pulled the white pompom off of and stitched it to the top of the helmet cover. We used actual jockey silks for the jacket & an actual jockey saddle to carry. The whip was purchased at a local horse supply store. For the horse costume, I purchased the actual costume online but went to the dollar store & purchased a fake childs wig & stitched it on the back for a tail. I also stiched black felt around the arms & feet & put my hair in a ponytail and let it hang out the back to look like a mane.



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    Love how you decided to make everything - it looks great :D