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A friend and I share a workshop space about twenty minutes from either home that  is a club house, office, wood workshop, metal shop, car/motorcycle repair bay, art studio, and Mad Scientist Lab (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA).

I was soldering motor connection wires for our CNC while watching the latest Star Trek movi on the wall and standing under an 8 foot long Dragon when it struck me how much fun our shop Space really was and thought I should share.

This The first couple of frames show my old shop in half the garage at our townhouse.  The new space is 1400 square feet and we love it!


sperez perez (author)2014-09-17

This is an Instructable?????

mkculp (author)sperez perez2014-09-17

It was actually an entry in the home workshops competition a few years ago.

J,R,D, Ltd (author)2013-08-19

Very nice shop. The projector is a nice touch too, just missing some big speakers.

M4industries (author)2010-06-25

Can you elaborate on how you are in your own, private TechShop?

mkculp (author)M4industries2010-06-28

I'm not sure what you are asking. We've built up our shop equipment over the last couple of years. We built our own CNC machine last year and are currently in the design stage of a new larger format cnc. WE've also recently added a small laser cutter that we're expanding on. Both machines will probably move up to 4'x4' in size with the eventual move to 5'x10' tables and work sizes. I love the TechShop concept but doubt it would make enough to stay open in Kentucky, so yeah i guess we have sort of built our own. We're missing a plasma cutter, planer & jointer to be fully equipped for anything. Soon 8). -Michael

M4industries (author)mkculp2010-06-28

That pretty much answered my question. I was just amazed at the size of your workshop. Good luck with the larger scale CNC!

Zaphod Beeblebrox (author)2009-11-21

i wish i had a shop that big

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