Our Pallet Sofa and Table





Introduction: Our Pallet Sofa and Table

Last summer we made a pallet sofa and a table for our living room.


Step 1: Purchasing

  • 10 pallets (each 80*120 cm) They were

very cheap because my godfather works in a warehouse. They were used for beer cans storage.

  • White wood paint
  • Safety glass
  • Wheels
  • Foam
  • Drapes

Step 2: Polishing

Step 3: Painting

Step 4: Carry to Our Living Room

Step 5: Foam Cutting

We cut the foams with a sharp knife.

Step 6: Drape Sewing

Step 7: The Table

We bought a 79,5 * 119,5 cm safety glass for the top and screw 4 wheels at the bottom.

Step 8: Pillows and the Cat :)

We cut the foams into small pieces to fill 9 pillows.



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    How much did the foam cost you?

    80 Euros as I remember.

    At the table: the plates are loose on each other or how did you make it stick together?

    I used wood screws

    Where did you get your foam? My wife and I were looking to do one of these for our screened in porch, but when I priced the foam it was going to be like US$800, when everything else was free (we got our hands on some leftover outdoor quality fabric). It looks like you have ~6" thick...egg crate foam?

    Try some of the thick mattress toppers. You might want some plywood or other solid board over the pallets.

    did you staple the drapes to a piece of plywood?