I can’t believe I have won the craft contest! Thanks to every one who has voted for this project and the judges!

At the moment, I have to spend a lot of time on the computer and rejoice about every visitor.
What a coincidence that I have a printer, 40 pages of thick colored paper and a weekend!

Make this life size sculpture from 100% paper on the next rainy saturday and never feel alone in your office again! Let’s go!

Step 1: What you need

  • 40 pages of (at least) 160 g / m2 paper: That is twice as thick as normal paper. Colored would be a great thing, because the model itself has no color. This is the small room I leave for your creativity.
  • Glue, scissors, cutter: I use liquid glue (UHU) because it dries on colored paper in seconds, and I have another smaller pair of scissors, and some little pins and a tweezer to hold stuff together while it dries.
  • Cardboard: For the back. About 12" x 12". As thin as possible.
  • Wallpaper: For the great pop-out-effect. Same size as the cardboard.


My first try (without the wallpaper though)
Wow, very nice! <br>Looks better without the wallpaper maybe in this case.
<p>Bonjour , tr&egrave;s tr&egrave;s beau travail , superbe. </p><p>j'ai bient&ocirc;t fini le mien , mais j'ai un probl&egrave;me au num&eacute;ros 51 &amp; 53 je n'arrive pas &agrave; les faire joindre. cordialement</p><p>Hello, very nice work, superb.<br>I have nearly finished my own, but I have a problem with numbers 51 &amp; 53 I can not make contact. cordially</p>
<p>Almost done! </p>
<p>can someone please send me the pdf :) thank you</p><p>pixel00horizon@gmail.com</p>
<p>My version, used Papier mache to flesh it out and used a mask for face to make it more realistic. THanks for the great idea. truely inspirational. </p>
<p>what's the measures?</p>
It's more or less life size. Used face mask from Amazon for the face.
<p>Looks amazing! Thanks a lot for making this.</p>
<p>What's the measures?</p>
I can&rsquo;t tell right now, the sculpture is at another house. I can tell you on Wednesday.
<p>Hi, could you remake this papercraft into this same model but as a MAN body not a women ?? I will be realy thanksful</p>
Hi, I don&rsquo;t have the time for that unfortunately. But you can try to make your own model, I made other Instructables where I describe the process of designing a papercraft. There are lots of man-3D-models available which you can use as a starting point.
<p>Hi, could you remake this papercraft into this same model but as a MAN body not a women ?? I will be realy thanksful </p>
I want to do this but im not sure it will fit my room, how big is it from fingertips to top head?? Thank!!
<p>I took one look at this on Facebook (under Instructables account) and KNEW it won whatever contest it was in! :) Great job! LOVE IT!</p>
<p>This is very awesome and gives me an idea of what to do with one of my mask collages in the future. You did a great job!</p>
<p>This is really sharp. What other creations have you done like this?</p>
You can see all of my papercrafts on kamibox.de/download
<p>Nice one! How about that mask? :D</p>
Just finished.
<p>i made it</p>
<p>Thanks a lot!</p><p>We used 160g-paper and varnished the white paper in the desired color.</p><p>A great project for our teenager!</p>
<p>Really nice!</p><p>It was a lot of work (some days) but it's looking fantastic at the wall!</p><p>Had some problems with the nose, ears and fingers too but finally managed it (including two mistakes).</p><p>Thanks!</p>
<p>This is awesome, I'm gonna try to make this, but I'm a noob papercrafter so it probably won't turn out well XD</p>
<p>how i can download? it always call me become a member:S</p>
Hola, this is made for A4.
<p>Done it! Enjoyed it! Thanks a lot :-)</p>
<p>I used plain white 175 g/m2 paper. Worked perfectly and I placed it right above my desk. Actually used <em>hot glue</em> instead, but still turned out great! The only suggestion I might have is to add more letters to the tabs in places like the ears or fingers. Also it would help if you put more views on the sheets with the rendered models with the numbered piece placement because there were some blind-spots.</p>
<p>hey , how did you get the number to show up on the 3d model in the first page? Or did you create that in Photoshop as a guide.</p>
Yes, I added the numbers.
<p>por q no hacen uno igual en forma de hombre seria super</p>
<p>why i cant find the link for download this template?</p><p>help me please</p>
This is the link: http://www.kamibox.de/PDF/Out_of_this_Wall.pdf
<p>Awesome!!!! I Want a tiger!!! pleeseeee!</p>
Awesome instructable, looks fantastic on my wall! Thinking of adding some solar powered led lights inside for a cool night time effect.
<p>I absolutely love this . I'm new to papercrafts, this is the exact direction i am going with my work as an artist. what 3d software did you use to create this figure with so many polygons. Im teaching myself to use sketchup ,but should i be using a different program? my goal is to make large papercrafts with a high polygon count. any advice?</p>
Thank you! I am not very much into Sketchup, but I think there are better alternatives. For free software, there are Anim8or or Blender, Anim8or is simpler and very beginner friendly and should be enough for every papercraft. You can check out my Paper Clone Instructable, it is a bit older, but it explains the software a bit.
<p>Tthanks for the quick reply! I will check out these programs. I do have another Q. How do you scale larger than pepakura's max scale size? To achieve something like this ( <a href="http://vimeo.com/81700014" rel="nofollow">http://vimeo.com/81700014</a>) on cardboard, or polypropylene sheets or recycled plastic. I hope you know Bc i was up until 5am searching the internet. </p>
<p>I would use a normal scale model but let it print on a bigger format. Pepakura doesn't really have a max scale size, but from some point the polygons are too big for A4 / Letter.</p>
<p>Awesome Project! Loved making it!</p><p>The first one is in our office at work (IT) and the second one is under construction.</p>
<p>how did you mount the sculpture? just with nails?</p><p>It looks amazing by the way :)</p>
Thank you! I made holes in the back plate and mounted it on 3 nails.
<p>Really cool decorative project, I will have to try it out once I get a little time.</p>
<p>its mine. that was great project! </p>

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