Picture of Out Of This Wall – Papercraft Sculpture
I can’t believe I have won the craft contest! Thanks to every one who has voted for this project and the judges!

At the moment, I have to spend a lot of time on the computer and rejoice about every visitor.
What a coincidence that I have a printer, 40 pages of thick colored paper and a weekend!

Make this life size sculpture from 100% paper on the next rainy saturday and never feel alone in your office again! Let’s go!
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Step 1: What you need

  • 40 pages of (at least) 160 g / m2 paper: That is twice as thick as normal paper. Colored would be a great thing, because the model itself has no color. This is the small room I leave for your creativity.
  • Glue, scissors, cutter: I use liquid glue (UHU) because it dries on colored paper in seconds, and I have another smaller pair of scissors, and some little pins and a tweezer to hold stuff together while it dries.
  • Cardboard: For the back. About 12" x 12". As thin as possible.
  • Wallpaper: For the great pop-out-effect. Same size as the cardboard.

Step 2: Print

Picture of Print
Do you remember the link from step 2? Download the PDF and print everything but page one on your special paper. When you print it with 100% size, the woman will be life size. On default, it prints with around 97% size, because the printer thinks that you could miss something when a few Millimeters are not printed (which is not the case).

Now you have a whole bunch of templates that want to be assembled.
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ezis1 year ago
My first try (without the wallpaper though)
DSC_0121.JPGDSC_0119.JPG (author)  ezis1 year ago
Wow, very nice!
Looks better without the wallpaper maybe in this case.
DigbySA made it!16 days ago

Awesome Project! Loved making it!

The first one is in our office at work (IT) and the second one is under construction.

2013-12-07 12.46.50.jpg
mnicacio made it!2 months ago


schamupe3 months ago

how did you mount the sculpture? just with nails?

It looks amazing by the way :) (author)  schamupe3 months ago
Thank you! I made holes in the back plate and mounted it on 3 nails.
michaelgc3 months ago

Really cool decorative project, I will have to try it out once I get a little time.

piratabus4 months ago

its mine. that was great project!



josephluiz7 months ago
:-o Amazing...
dnoscar made it!7 months ago

This placed on a glass panel. 1 Day Work :D !!

risamiller7 months ago

Does anyone have a video of how to put these pieces together? We are having some trouble. I did not see it on youtube. Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.

Kris T.8 months ago
This would be fun to modify for Halloween; I'm thinking the ghosts from the Silent Hill 4 game.

Fun project!
ccamp1041 year ago
what size paper did you use?
GitarGr81 year ago
Amazing. I think a paper deer head will be hanging on my wall in the near future.
eww, who wants a head of a deer on their wall :3
Thanks so much for this! I had a lot of fun making one ... I made a few mistakes, but overall it turned out very nicely. This will make a great decoration for Halloween!
The only suggestion that I have to improve it would be to print matching numbers on the surfaces to be joined ... it was sometimes a challenge to figure out the orientation of the pieces. (I'd post a photo of my effort, but the "add images" button isn't working).
I agree very much with you briangreiner... it needs matching numbers, I haven't been able to get 1 & 2 together and I am very patient. :/
Dyte1 year ago
Holy shit, exactly what I was planning to make (conceptually, didn't have an idea yet about how to tackle the practical side) and now I find it on here :D
There goes my instructable, but at the same time very nice to have a practical solution :D
shazni1 year ago
Well you didn't win the cutter... But you could always sell the camera and buy the silhouette cameo cutter ( which is better) and more! Congratulations! (author)  shazni1 year ago
I will keep the camera and buy a silhouette cutter ;)
Congratulations!! Well Deserved, but you know I was very sure that you will be winning the cutter, but Ahhh the mysterious Judges ;-).
namdeo.d1 year ago
Too Good! :)
shazni1 year ago
This is awesome ... I think you would win the silhouette cutter! Btw how do you make these... Like how do you know where to fold... I want to make one where the palms of the hands are open but joined .. Sort of like when you put your palms together to pray.. But in this case open... Can you put up the file please!
It would be cool to drop small things in the hands :-) (author)  shazni1 year ago
I use Pepakura to unfold a 3D model. Pepakura is free (as a trial) and this is the 3D file:
You can edit the model with 3D programs like Anim8or (free)
Ooh, a velociraptor would look awesome too! Really impressed with your skills, I think this looks like the centerpiece of a museum exhibit!
D3zire1 year ago
just awesome
Vincent6191 year ago
please give the original pepakura file it works so much better with the 3D model than with these pics of the model :D
FALCON4EVR1 year ago
I was wondering if there is a possibility of a male version of this. (author)  FALCON4EVR1 year ago
This one will stay female, but I get many positive responses to it, so I will probably make some more for a series of mono-colored people interacting with the room.
This looks AMAZING I salute you!
alcurb1 year ago
Did you use pepakura designer software to make the templates? (author)  alcurb1 year ago
Yes :)
DathanN1 year ago
Terrific work. Very inspiring.
rimar20001 year ago
kusui1 year ago
This is so awesome! I had all of the stuff on hand so I decided to make it. Do you happen to have a letter size version of the print out? I think it's A4 now? It would be amazing if we people in the States could print it out in the true size too. Thanks! (author)  kusui1 year ago
You can download it here:
Some lines may be cut off by your printer because they are too close to the edge, but that should be only a few millimeters.
You are a wonderful person. Thank you! (author)  kusui1 year ago
You are right, for this one it is important to have it in the right size, I will keep you updated!
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