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Introduction: Out of Order

About: I'm a high school student in Vermont who loves to take things apart and (sometimes) put things back together or make things from scratch. I like to program and experiment and browse the net.

 Here is how to make a self-proclaiming out of order object (SPOOO for short). Here's the slideshow of all the finished products I have made.
 In this instructable, I will be modifying a camera.

Step 1: Figure It Out

 Plan what you're going to do. Locate the viewfinder's other end on the front side.

 I will use a white-out pen, but any thing like that (including sharpies) will do.

Step 2: Get Ready

 Find your writing implement. (sharpie, white-out pen, grease pencil, phaser)

 Get it ready.

Step 3: Write

 Be sure to write backwards!

Step 4: Done

 When your victim looks through (or if you wrote on the lens, takes a picture), (s)he will see "Out of Order" written over what (s)he sees!



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    Cool instructabke

     What if you wrote it over the flash? Would that ghost onto the picture?

    1 reply

     No, it diffuses too much. But good idea!

     I think I would murder someone if they did that to my camera. Whats the point?

    5 replies

     If you use the white-out pen on the viewfinder, they/you can scrape it off.

    Or how about if you used clear tape and then wrote on that instead?  Peels right off!

     but whats the point? it doesnt show up on the photograph and anyone that sees handwritten words in the viewfinder already knows the camera isnt out of order, only that some jerk wrote on their camera. 

    The tape idea would be best, cause scrapping whiteout off from the plastic lens of the viewfinder would scratch it. 

     Nice idea, but you can't see through it as well.