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About: I'm a high school student in Vermont who loves to take things apart and (sometimes) put things back together or make things from scratch. I like to program and experiment and browse the net.

 All the out of order things I have modded to show its state. (I think that's grammatically correct...)



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    you should take a computer and print out a blue background with the words out of order on it printed with a stencil font so it looks more real

    I got some underam deodorant but it dusnt wrok. i think itz out of odor.

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    y ? I mean learning to right "out of order" obviously baffles all of us

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    The only thing more amazing than learning how to spell "out of order" is how to spell "write" and "why".  Just look at your comment!

     :) I'm subscribing to you now.

    Unfortunately, most people have yet to discover capital letters, commas, and the spellcheck button at the top of every comment thing.

     Or use Chrome or FireFox or many other browsers that include spellcheck. But it does have some flaws—for instance, my spellcheck didn't think (before I corrected it) that "muntin" is a word.

    What does "muntin" even mean? 

     Ordinarily, I'd shout, "LOOK IT UP!", but I won't. A muntin is the thing that separates panes of glass in a window, but mostly now they are just put over one large pane of glass and don't hold them together.

    Ahh, so THAT's what it means.  Thank you.

    P.S.  I only recently became a member, but I am trying to hve an instructable ASAP.

     Very funny. And I suppose you say this on every instructable that says how do do something obvious? And anyway, obviously this isn't telling people how to write "Out of order." It's to take it a little further. I bet you didn't think about this idea at all until you saw this.