All the out of order things I have modded to show its state. (I think that's grammatically correct...)
you should take a computer and print out a blue background with the words out of order on it printed with a stencil font so it looks more real
I got some underam deodorant but it dusnt wrok. i think itz out of odor.
y ? I mean learning to right &quot;out of order&quot; obviously baffles all of us <br />
The only thing more amazing than learning how to spell &quot;out of order&quot; is how to spell &quot;write&quot; and &quot;why&quot;.&nbsp; Just look at your comment!
&nbsp;:) I'm subscribing to you now.
Unfortunately, most people have yet to discover capital letters, commas, and the spellcheck button at the top of every comment thing.
&nbsp;Or use Chrome or FireFox or many other browsers that include spellcheck. But it does have some flaws&mdash;for instance, my spellcheck didn't think (before I corrected it) that &quot;muntin&quot; is a word.
What does &quot;muntin&quot; even mean?&nbsp;
&nbsp;Ordinarily, I'd shout, &quot;LOOK IT UP!&quot;, but I won't. A muntin is the thing that separates panes of glass in a window, but mostly now they are just put over one large pane of glass and don't hold them together.
Ahh, so THAT's what it means.&nbsp; Thank you.
P.S.&nbsp; I only recently became a member, but I am trying to hve an instructable ASAP.
&nbsp;Very funny. And I suppose you say this on every instructable that says how do do something obvious? And anyway, obviously this isn't telling people how to write &quot;Out of order.&quot; It's to take it a little further. I bet you didn't think about this idea at all until you saw this.

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