Out of the Box: Cardboard Photo Challenge  

Thanks to everyone who entered! The winners are in (early!) Thanks again for your creative Instructables- I personally perused and appreciated each one, and value your contribution whether or not you received a prize.


1st Place

Cardboard Hammer Prop by alaskantomboy


Cardboard Clock Photos by LauraLauraLynn
Cardboard Coin Bank by jakpot90
Cardboard Trophy Wall by Eat More Chicken
Cardboard Truck by shazni
Card Board Violin by BethyJoy

                                      Cardboard camera in title image created by artist Kiel Johnson.

What can you make out of cardboard? Re-purpose old packaging and the insides of toilet paper rolls; make structures big and small. Create working machines with cheap cardboard parts or beautiful art of what might have been overlooked as trash. Save it from your own recycling or ask grocery stores for old boxes. Make something!

This contest open to Photo Instructables ONLY.


Leatherman Juice
Eno Doublenest Hammock
Kyocera Ceramic Knives
Kindle Fire

Example Projects:
To give you an idea of the right sort of project, here are some great cardboard instructables that people have posted in the past! (Not eligible for this challenge due to post date.)

1) You MUST post a Photo Instructable
2) There is no limit to the number of Instructables you can post. However, no duplicate entries are allowed.
3) Projects that do not meet the criteria of the challenge will not be permitted to enter.
4) The judges reserve the right to disqualify anyone who cheats or engages in unsportsmanlike conduct.
5) To be clear, the project MUST be published after the challenge has started to be eligible.
(see the official rules here)
6) Any cardboard-related Instructable may be eligible. Eligibility of each individual Instructable is at the sole discretion of SelkeyMoonbeam.

All entries must be published and posted in the comments below posted by 11:59pm July 13th, PST.
Only entries published between 3:00pm June 21 (PST) and 11:59pm July 13th (PST) are eligible.

All entries will be exclusively judged by SelkeyMoonbeam based on successful completion, originality, and overall execution of the Instructable. Winners will be announced on or after July 20th.

How to Enter:
Post a link to your Photo Instructable in the comments below, and I'll add it if it's eligible! (There may be a delay between your comment and the appearance of your project in the Entries section).
Contest closed! Thanks for all the great entries.

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