Introduction: Out the Side Full Metal Xiphoid - Complete

Alas, my project is finally completed. Took about a month to do.
Firstly I thank Sinza and his awesome forum. Thank you.
Made of steel, aluminum, and a copper wire. Very cool to use. Completely my own design. I didn't even try borrowing ideas from other sources. I did realized after I build this gauntlet that it has some concepts in it used during the Middle Ages. I'm finally catching up with the times.
I won't make a tutorial, so don't ask. But if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll try to respond.
Rate, comment subscribe. I'll be building some personal armor built later.

More detailed pictures:


this is really cool! I'm actually going to look into making one so I'll let you know how it turns out! here's my other hidden blade so far

ChoiBoy0527 (author)2013-07-30

Dude your like, an Assasin from Assasins creed with the 5th generation hidden blade :D

basementhacker (author)2013-04-15

Don't stab yourself.....

GuardianDuo (author)2010-09-25

Very, very cool. I assume concealing it would be impossible, though?


Kaiven (author)GuardianDuo2010-09-25

You would be correct.

bconway1 (author)Kaiven2012-01-16

you could, but you would need a new coat.

mveteto (author)2011-03-26

I personally say functionally/aesthetically you should reverse the angle on the blade tip, the point should be on the arm side of the blade when extended as not to snag and plus it would look damn nice XD

Kikot (author)2011-01-05

that's soooo awesome
you could make another uniqe design for the other hand since you are making armor or maybe blades on armor's boots

Kaiven (author)Kikot2011-01-05

I've always wanted to try boots. I might make a completely different design for the other arm though, I have some ideas.

(YOUR N (author)2010-11-07

seriosly cool were did u get the t shirt please tell me :)

Kaiven (author)(YOUR N2010-11-07

No clue, probably Wallmart haha

(YOUR N (author)Kaiven2010-11-07

Thanks by the way I've subscribed to u rated this five star
And I think this is the best thing on this site
I really want one! Please make a slide show

Ur orsum

Kallen Maurer (author)2010-10-16

boner achieved

this is awesome

M.C. Langer (author)2010-09-25

Sweeeeeeeet!!! Great work!!!

Kaiven (author)M.C. Langer2010-09-25

Thanks! :D

plasticpopcorn4 (author)2010-09-24

would it be safer/ better if the blade were facing out? You get more power with a down stroke and its not so close to the hands + when closed the blade in facing inside so you wont cut something when you dont want to

Kaiven (author)plasticpopcorn42010-09-25

No, actually, unless I made the blade shorter. There is a one inch gap or so between the edge and the handle, so my hand shouldn't get cut. When closed, the blade would be facing the gauntlet. That means everytime I close the blade, it would get nicked, and there would be a higher possibility of me cutting my side. I prefer the dull side of the blade near my vital organs.
Also, if the blade was facing inward, I wouldn't be able to slice things with blade collapsed.

plasticpopcorn4 (author)Kaiven2010-09-25

ah ic... always gotta be ready for them ninjas eh

rimar2000 (author)2010-09-25

Peace, brother, be kind...

Anyway, good design and good construction.

Kaiven (author)rimar20002010-09-25

These designs are for fun, not for fighting. Don't worry, I make these only because I am interested in the design concepts.

rimar2000 (author)Kaiven2010-09-25

Yes, it is all well, man. I love jokes.

Turpis (author)2010-09-25

Your going to hurt yourself man.

Kaiven (author)Turpis2010-09-25

Amazingly enough, I have not hurt myself at all since I have started making knives. I paper cut myself with cardboard though.

bowmaster (author)2010-09-25

Dang, that's sexy.

Arbitror (author)2010-09-24

All I can say is.. woah.

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