Step 6: Finish the box

Picture of Finish the box
Now you can assemble the parts. I've put the top in a little deeper so and covered the sides with a little piece of wood (same as I've used for the battans). This way, when I put the speakers in it they don't stand out.

Since my mobile sound system is going to be used outdoors I needed something to protect the wood from mother nature. I therefore used not regular paint but tar. This doesn't really look very smooth, but it will protect my speakers better than regular household paint.

So the speaker box is almost ready now, only got to stuff it and silicon the inner edges. With the stuffing I'm going to wait for a while because I'm first going to build in the amplifiers.

(note: when using silicon to seal the edges, wait at least one day to put in the speakers, the fumes can eat away your speakers)