Outdoor Quality Candy Cane Christmas Decorations

Gather the items needed to make your decorated Candy Canes.
For each candy cane decoration you will wan to make you need the following:
1 Plastic Candy Cane about 36 inches tall
Decorative items of your choice, my choice was:
Plastic Mistletoe with ribbon and bell (The mistletoe was dual sided!
That meant I needed 1 mistletoe for every 2 candy canes! It also had the red ribbon and bell attached.)
Holly Leaves (I bought a stem of leaves, enough for 3-4 candy canes)
White Poinsettia (I bought a stem of flowers, enough for 12 candy canes.)
Plastic Snowflake (this one is about 4 inches around. There were 10 in a box. Enough for 10 candy canes!)
Card of Red Christmas Bows (18 on the card I bought)
You will also need a
glue gun,
glue sticks (to match the gun you have)

The whole project takes about 5 to 10 minutes per candy cane. You can make enough to line your entire yard in just a few hours.

I purchased everything except the scissors and glue gun and glue sticks at the local dollar store.
The Candy Canes were $1.00 each,
The flowers were $1.00 per stem with holly leaves and 12 flowers on the stem.
The holly leaves had 12 stems, each with 1 to 3 holly leaf groups on them. (I consider a grouping as the 3 leaves still together.)
The mistletoe with bell cost $1.00 each, and each one had the mistletoe on each side, so I had double mistletoe by removing one bunch of mistletoe and re-gluing the leaves and berries to be sure it would not fall apart.
The card of Christmas Bows were $1.00 for 18 bows.

Total cost for 1 dozen Decorated Candy Canes: $16.00

Putting your project together

Gather all your supplies to your work table

Putting your project together

Gather all your supplies to your work table

1.Prepare the holly leaves by removing them from the leaf stem. You may want to snip the holly into individual leaves. If your holly looks fine intact, you may choose to leave it as is and glue it in as a complete 3 leaf section.

2.Prepare the Mistletoe ( Yours may not need anything done to it.)

3.Cut the ribbon to the length you want your ribbon and bell to be making sure it will show beneath the mistletoe and holly leaves.

4.Glue Holly Leaves to the back of the mistletoe, then the mistletoe to the ribbon and bell, and finally glue toe mistletoe bunch to the candy cane about 9 inches down from the curve.

5.Glue Holly Leaves to the back of the flower, just as you did the mistletoe and glue onto the candy cane above the Mistletoe.

6. Add any other decorations needed to cover up the cane between the mistletoe and flower, or just for your own liking.

7.Finally glue the snowflake in place, just above the flower. The snowflake serves as a place to rest the Christmas light strand. It is at the top of the decorations for this purpose.

The finished Candy Cane

When you have completed your candy cane, you can either drill holes in the ground, then screw your candy cane into them, or attach your candy cane to a wooden stake in order to make the candy cane more sturdy in areas that need a little extra help.

Place them about 5 or 6 feet apart down the sidewalk or in your yard.

String the Christmas tree lights across them by using the snowflake to hold the strand. If you need to attach a second strand, just plug it into the first, and plan your candy canes so you can use the candy cane to hide the extra wires. Use white yarn to tie the wires out of sight, down the candy cane.