Outdoor Chandelier Lighting made with Trash and Krylon Paint

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Step 2: Make the bottles into mirrors

Picture of Make the bottles into mirrors
I love the cobalt blue of the Bawls guarana bottles, and I wanted to add a shimmer to the inside of the glass to enhance the blue. So I sprayed the inside of the bottle tops with Krylon mirror-like paint. In order not to get paint on the outside of the glass, you have to trace a circle on a piece of cardboard with the bottle top, cut out the circle, and place it over the opening of the bottle to protect the outside from stray paint. Spray a fine coat and let it dry. Repeat until the glass is the desired mirror finish. I sprayed mine with the coats of Krylon mirror-like paint.
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H3xx4 years ago
They look like hookah bowls. all you would need is something to keep the shisha from sliding down the neck. :)