Picture of Outdoor FirePit

In the steps ahead you will learn how to build a great fire pit that is easy to build and very cheap to make.

I'm sorry for my English, and I hope everything is understandable.

Have fun building it!.

*This is my entry into the Concrete & Casting Contest, all votes are greatly appreciated.

Step 1: Dig a Hole

Picture of Dig a Hole

You need to dig a hole about 50 cm deep.

I chose to make it shaped like a square.

poofrabbit1 year ago

Congratulations on being a finalist in the Concrete and
casting contest! Best of luck to you!

omrygal (author)  poofrabbit1 year ago

Thanks alot :]

Umm, did you research Concrete and it's use in high temperature applications?

Please people, don't follow these instructions. Regular concrete is not suited for high heat, you MUST use a refractory cement mix in order to mitigate the water trapped inside the concrete from exploding (think boiling water vapor molecules), and sending shards of aggregate (and the rebar) into the flesh of your party guests.

Seriously, this is a big No-No.....

Wow, add that to the list of things that I did not know, but am now glad that I do. Today's episode is brought to you by the molecule H2O, and by the phrase "explosive spalling"!

ztwentytwo1 year ago
I love the idea, yet the square shape looks like a pig to clean. Methinx better suited will be a dish shape, with enough of a base diameter to get a shovel in and out of, easily.
jwhaler1 year ago
Also, cement is very caustic and can cause skin burns if you handle it without protection.
Ol_Rusty1 year ago

Just a heads up, be very careful when you have a really large and hot fire near concrete as it can cause it to explode if it has not fully dried and or it has rained recently. This is as a result of the air pockets that are always left in the concrete, when headed the moisture in those pockets is turned to steam and expands. My cousin still has scars from this happening.


Wow, I love this! It fit in so well to the natural surroundings!

i'm glad you enjoyed it :]

vikingjohn1 year ago
Awesome fire pit. Very nicely done. Where do you live? Your clay is so sand like. I live in Ireland and we don't have clay like that so I'm intrigued...
omrygal (author)  vikingjohn1 year ago

Thanks for the comment, I'm from Israel..

Fantastic... Keep up the great work