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Introduction: Outdoor Kids Activity: Water Sensory Fun

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This is a fun activity to do with little kids on a hot summer day! It is inexpensive, easy to set up and just plain fun. Water balloons are fascinating to little kids! Our focus was not on throwing them at each other to pop them, but the sensory experience of squishing water balloons and moving them around in water.

What you'll need:

Kiddie swimming pool

Balloons (full size balloons 12-15 inch....NOT water balloons)

Water Hose

What to do:

Use your hose to fill up each balloon with water (until it is about 6 inches long). It helps to have a sprayer attachment on the end of your hose with a tapered head (fits inside the balloon easier). Because they are larger capacity balloons, filling them up only to 6 inches makes them more sturdy and less likely to break/pop. Put the filled water balloons in the kiddie pool, then fill the pool with water.

We pretended our balloons were dinosaur eggs, and had a whole crowd of neighborhood kids join us within 30 minutes!



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    Happy kiddos on a hot day! Excellent. :)

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    Also wonder how it would go to stick some small toys inside the balloon and identify through the dual-layers of water by feel.