Are you looking for a fun project this winter?

Look no further:

Maybe you just want to build a snow wall and don't have a projector, that's fine I will still guide you through the process of building a massive wall of snow. This works even with powdery snow that doesn't seem to hold together.

Depending how big you want to go it could take a couple days of work for 1 person. Mine is 20ft x 9ft and it took me about 15 hrs to complete.

to see the one I am currently building now check out:

What you will need:

  • A shovel
  • A hand saw (made for cutting wood)
  • A ladder
  • Snow shoes, a piece of plywood or something large and strong enough for you to jump on to compact your snow
  • Drinking water and snacks
  • Some hot chocolate

Optional (but needed for theater)

  • Projector
  • Laptop or portable dvd/bluray player
  • Tape Measure
  • Shelter for your electronics
  • Source of Power (generator, power inverter in a vehicle, or 120v power from a building if possible)
  • Speakers or sound system

Step 1: Choose a Location

I chose to build my theater on a lake because it is a flat surface with a lot of snow.

But, because it was such an open area I was exposed to the elements and had no shelter. The wind even knocked some blocks off of my wall as I was building.

You also need to think about how you will power and protect your electronics. I have a power inverter in my truck so I am able to set up anywhere I want.

If you don't have a building near where you want to make the theater you might be able to put your electronics in a tent and use a generator. Just be careful about exposing your warm electronics to cold air and vice versa. Condensation may form.

Choose a location protected from the wind with lots of snow if possible but also you need somewhere to protect and power your projector.

<p>WhereTheHighwayEnds, this is a first for me. I have seen theaters out of walls, see through projection cloth, and bed sheets but not of snow. I take it the fire pit needed to be placed behind where the audience sits so they don't get the glare of the fire? In Georgia we don't get enough snow to try this but next time I am visiting Alaska I might try this. Great idea.</p>
<p>I have a few other unique places I want to try it too :) I had the fire pit on the front side but It was only used while I was building it. <br><br>You should have no trouble finding enough snow in Alaska..Have fun up there!</p>
<p>This would be great with a hot tub to soak in the heat while watching the screen!</p><p>I already built a &quot;Hot Tub Music Machine&quot;</p><p><a href="http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2010/05/04/hot-tub-music-machine-the-hydaulophones-of-steve-mann/">http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2010/05/04/hot-t...</a></p><p>... together with a giant TV screen would be an interesting combination.</p>
<p>This is too fabulous! I am sending this to younger family members and I want one on the lake! Thanks ;)</p>
Thanks for sharing!
It just snowed and I want to try this! What does it look like from the back when the projector is on?
<p>My wall was 6-8 inches thick and I could only see it glow through in a few spots. The snow is an incredible medium for a screen. Very high quality image.</p>
<p>Nice one and a cool video. Thanks for sharing!</p>
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it
That's a really cool idea :). I think you need to build some stadium seating to finish it off.
I'm doing round booths like a restaurant as we speak. I'm going to try building ice tables for them too
<p>Nice outdoor movie theater. I've always wanted to do something like this. Where do you live that you can do this? A wiring diagram would be a nice addition. Great first Instructable, and a warm welcome to the community!</p>
Thanks Dylan! You should be able to do this anywhere you have snow. I live in northern Canada though so they temperature stays below freezing most of the winter. That helps for sure. I will do a wiring instructable for the inverter in my truck I took lots of pictures.

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