Introduction: Outdoor Webcamera Setup

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I will try to show how my Panasonic Outdoor Webcams are set up to upload pictures to my homepage. These cameras is connected to my router, and uploads pictures via FTP setup. I also store the pictures ,and use them to make a video at the end of the month. The 2 videos are then put togheter to make a widescreen timelapse video on about 4 minutes.

 Here you can see a live view from my home. 2 Cameras overlapping.

Step 1: FTP Setup

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I use 2 of the Panasonic BL-C140 cameras. I recon that the other outdoor webcams have similar setups. 
 I program the camera to store a picture every 5 minutes. This works fine for me.

Step 2: Merge and Edit Videos

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To make the videos, I start with editing all the frames in Windows Movie Maker. 

 I will not go so in detail here,but its quite simple. For a 5 minute interval pictureframes, I use 0,05 seconds duration setting in Win Mov Maker. That works fine for me.

 Since I have 2 overlapping cameras, I end up with 2 movies. The most important thing ,is to be sure of that the
2 movies contains the exact same numbers of frames.  In 1 month recording I end up with about 6000 frames times 2. 

 Next is to merge the two movies together. I like to use trakAxPc for this.  I will not go in to detail here, but if someone is interested I can make a tutorial for this here later.



Step 3: The Final Result !







rimar2000 (author)2013-05-22

Nice landscapes from your home!

Ranie-K (author)2013-05-21

Det var stilig. Den campingplassen så passe kald ut på vinter'n!

Kjetil Egeland (author)2013-05-21

Thank you...! But this ,I can see, is just a amateur project compared to your work.. I am really interested in your 360 photos, and how you do it. Fantastic..! As you can see, the view from my house is quite ok. And I have done hundreds of 180 panorama pictures. But it would be fun to try this gigapixel thing. I will study your instructions, and learn from a master..;) I also would like to learn more about timelapse settings, and maybe build a jig for it. Like yours, or the kind that moves.
Have a nice day ;) Kjetil

andrea biffi (author)2013-05-21

very nice! I love timelapse movies!

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