I own an outdoor power equipment dealership.  Upon deciding to decorate for Christmas for the first time I wanted to have a unique Christmas tree.  All of the ornaments on the tree were bad parts taken off of units.  I did not use any good parts for this tree.  I did this for 2 reasons.  First it makes the cost almost nothing, second it stops the parts from going in the trash.

Step 1: Spark Plug Ornament

Picture of Spark Plug Ornament
We took Spark Plugs and painted them gold.  We then closed the spark plug gap with a jump ring and used ribbon to hang it on the tree.
bajablue2 years ago
I really like this creative reuse... great job!!!
cokecola2 years ago
When I was a kid I replaced the piston on my Suzuki Trailhopper mini bike.
I painted the old one gold and hang it on my Christmas tree every year.
backyardengineer (author)  cokecola2 years ago
Great minds think alike:) I thought of painting the pistons gold however figured the plugs were already gold.
eMaspleiS2 years ago
Interesting! :)
you must sell and service Stihl. That conrod and those carbs look all to familiar.
Act I am not a stihl dealer although the instructible on the carb was a stihl. I sell Redmax as my main line due to the quality seems to be a lot higher then stihl units. Most of the Carbs are from Weedeater units as a new one is cheaper then a carb kit.