Outdoor Pull-Up Bar





Introduction: Outdoor Pull-Up Bar

This instructable will show you how to make an easy and cheap pull-up bar you can mount outside. Pull ups are one of the best exercises and hardest to do. Once you can do them, your body strength will be pretty good.

Step 1: Materials List

The materials list is pretty small, and is pretty flexible, but here is what i used

1 long galvanized pipe
2 shorter pipes
2 elbow pieces
2 mounting rounds
8 wood screws

Tools that will make it easier:
Power Drill
Monkey Wrench (optional)

Step 2: Putting It Together: Step 1

First i put the elbows on the smaller pieces like so:

Step 3: Putting It Together: Step 2

Then screw those pieces into the round mounting brackets:

Step 4: Putting It Together: Step 3

Next screw both those pieces onto the large pipe, making sure that when it's all together the stand sit flat on the ground and doesn't wobble too much. If it wobbles it means the mounting brackets are not flush.

Step 5: Mounting It

After it's all put together, mount it somewhere that can take your weight. If you need to, use a stud finder to find studs to mount it to.
(But after you use this pull up bar you'll be the best stud on the block, heh heh)

I used regular wood screws and the side of my house which is pretty strong.

Step 6: Pump, You Up!

Now it's time to work out! Try different grips to work our different muscles. If the bar is too much for you to take at once, use a chair to boost yourself up till your arms get used to it.

Hope you enjoyed this instructable!



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    Are you sure it's strong, can we see your feet elivated.

    I really want to make it but I have 2 questions first.

    1. The distance between the wall and the bar should be longer right? I mean, did you knees bumped the wall?

    2. How much weight or times those screws will hold?

    Awesome! I gotta make one of these.

    When you get too badass for two arm pull ups, tie a piece of rope to it to help you working towards the almighty one-armer. :D

    or just do increased weight ultil you can do one armers.

    A similar technique is to just hang a small towel over the bar and use the same way as a rope.

    tanks you

     I know a guy who made a surprisingly strong pull up bar in a doorway from a sturdy piece of driftwood, some wire, and 2 screws.

    Post some pictures if you have them!