This instructable will show you how to make an easy and cheap pull-up bar you can mount outside. Pull ups are one of the best exercises and hardest to do. Once you can do them, your body strength will be pretty good.

Step 1: Materials List

The materials list is pretty small, and is pretty flexible, but here is what i used

1 long galvanized pipe
2 shorter pipes
2 elbow pieces
2 mounting rounds
8 wood screws

Tools that will make it easier:
Power Drill
Monkey Wrench (optional)

<p>Are you sure it's strong, can we see your feet elivated.</p>
<p>I really want to make it but I have 2 questions first.</p><p>1. The distance between the wall and the bar should be longer right? I mean, did you knees bumped the wall?</p><p>2. How much weight or times those screws will hold? </p>
Awesome! I gotta make one of these.
When you get too badass for two arm pull ups, tie a piece of rope to it to help you working towards the almighty one-armer. :D<br />
or just do increased weight ultil you can do one armers.
A similar technique is to just hang a small towel over the bar and use the same way as a rope.<br />
tanks you
&nbsp;I know a guy who made a surprisingly strong pull up bar in a doorway from a sturdy piece of driftwood, some wire, and 2 screws.
Post some pictures if you have them!<br />
Nice work!<br /> <br /> I believe those are chin-ups you're demonstrating.&nbsp; For pull-ups, the palms of your hands face the other way.&nbsp; See: http://stronglifts.com/how-to-do-pull-ups-and-chin-ups-with-proper-technique/ for a better explanation of the difference.<br /> <br /> One thing I've always noticed with chin-ups is that the body has a tendency to swing under the bar.&nbsp; (Cheating, or bad form, yes I know.)&nbsp; Your placement of the bar close to the wall would seem to help encourage good form.&nbsp; Do your elbows ever bump the wall?<br />
My walls aren't strong enough, so I took two long pipes that go down from the ends of the grip (instead of toward the wall) and rests on the floor.&nbsp; <br /> Its not as stable as a permanent mount, but it means I don't have to put any holes in the wall.<br /> <br /> I find it is much more comfortable if you wrap an old inner tube around the bar (or wear gloves)<br />
I like it! I have a bar in the garage for a similar purpose...<br /> <br /> Just wondered; how do you find doing pull ups so close to a wall?<br /> <br />
its pretty ok, the pipes keep it away from the wall enough for sure.<br />
&nbsp;Its pretty cool showing your mates at school 1 handed pull ups :D
this is nice and useful<br />
Nice bit of purposeful DIY.<br /> <br /> L<br />
&nbsp;I'd make sure to add some cheap general purpose sealant around the pieces you are screwing to the wall to prevent any moisture issues and what not.

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