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Introduction: Outdoor Spray

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Who loves the good ole outdoors? I do! Especially during summertime :) What I don't like though, are the outdoor annoyances. You can enjoy the outdoors annoyance free with this simple outdoor spray recipe.

What you need:

A spray bottle

Witch hazel

Essential Oils - Purification, Thieves, Tea Tree and Peppermint (use lavender instead of peppermint for young children)

Distilled water

Directions: (for every once of spray)

Equal parts distilled water and witch hazel. Add witch hazel to the bottle. Then add 3 drops (or more for stronger aroma) of purification, 1 drop of thieves, 1 drop of tea tree and 1 drop of peppermint essential oils. Top it off with distilled water. Shake before use.

Apply topically on the skin as needed and/or spray surfaces, tents, linens, clothing or air.



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    Is the intent that this is a natural insect repellant? I don't see the purpose stated anywhere.

    1 reply

    Due to it not being FDA approved, I cannot make these claims. But interpret it as you wish :)

    Or smell like dirt. Then the bugs won't even bother going after you.