This set of outdoor furniture can be made from only two types of recycled wood. The design is inspired by Will Holmans Scrap Table (Guerilla furniture), but using other proportions and simplified materials: generic 4x6 roof lath and 2x10 concrete shuttering board.

The mid-century-style tapered legs are stressed to give necessary stiffness to the thin board. Contrary to Holmans design, the legs are not interconnected by threaded rods. Non-triangulated beams do not add much stability to the space frame, so they were left out.


Step 1: Choose Your Proportions

I made these for my new patio, which is quite small, so i chose a fairly small 150cm length.
This does not have the great proportions as Holmans original design hat, but it fits my space perfectly.

Think of your use case and plan for the length of wood accordingly.

<p>Can you add inches to the measurements? I do not understand how you fastened the legs to the table top or the bench. I like the idea of the stressed legs fastened together at the bottom. Thanks.</p>
<p>Do a web search for a metric to inches convertor. Many available. Plug in the numbers and you get your inches.</p>
<p>What keeps people from falling off the end of your porch. I do love the table.</p>
<p>That looks really nice :)</p>

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