Outdoor Waterbed





Introduction: Outdoor Waterbed

What You Need:
1 to 2 mill. plastic dropcloth
Duct Tape (any color you like)

Both of these items can be purchased for under $10 at a Wal-Mart or Lowes.

Step 1: Beginning

First open and spread out dropcloth and foldin half to make a 10x10 square. I used a 1 mill. plastic dropcloth that was 10x20.

Step 2: Taping Sides

Next, fold the open edges over and duct tape them one at a time.
Make sure to leave one corner open enough to put the water hose into it to fill it up.

Step 3: Filling

Making sure to put it on a flat area of the yard. Check the yard for sticks and sharp objects clearing all found.

Place the pouch to be filled in the cleared area and spread it out. (you may need a couple of ppl to help with this if you are able and fill with as much water as possible leaving just a lil room in the corner.

Step 4: Conclusion

I will say that the kids loved it and a great success. I do recommend that u spend a little extra and by the higher mill. plastic sheets known as visqueen. it will be tougher to put holes in and last more than two hours.

hope yall enjoy it I know I did!

Step 5:



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I do I havent had time to post thwm will post ASAP

I do I havent had time to post thwm will post ASAP

I do I havent had time to post thwm will post ASAP

Do you have any pictures of your completed project?