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Introduction: Outdoor Plug Cover Security Cam

I had a problem with packages disappearing from my porch.

I decided a wireless IP cam would be a great solution.

I was faced with two problems.
• where to hide it
•where to plug it in.

Step 1: Maybe Where to Place It and Where to Power It Could Be the Same Place.

It dawned on me, the camera will fit in an outdoor outlet box.

Step 2: Peep Hole.

I removed the cover and measured where to place the hole. Then using a step bit I drilled about a 3/16 hole.

Ironically the hole was perfectly centered on one of the ejector pin marks on the casting.

Step 3: Attaching the Camera.

I took the modified cover and glued the camera into it.

Step 4: Mount It to the Wall.

I removed the current cover plate and replaced it with my new camera box.

Step 5: The Power Supply Didn't Fit.

I ran into an issue with the supplied power supply not fitting. Luckily I had a different style 5v power supply available. This was the secret to fitting everything in the box.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Secret Camera.

This turned out better than I expected. When the box is closed there's almost no way to tell, the tiny hole is the only giveaway. Theres even a spot for a tiny lock or zip tie to secure the box and prevent tampering.



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    I once did something similar (for the same reasons) with a Linksys camera inside of a modified flood light attached to a security light, but I didn't put much effort into hiding it. My idea behind it was to put a scare into someone and make them think twice, but still have the camera active in case they decide to do something stupid anyway.

    I do own that model D-Link camera as well and am now eager to give this idea a try.

    loooks like your cam is D-Link DCS-930L. it is not waterproof. are you afraid water will get in the peep hole?

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    The porch where this is mounted has a roof over it, so it's pretty protected. Also I'm in the desert and we get maybe 4" of rain a year.

    If I was concerned I would glue/silicone some clear plastic over the hole on the inside to prevent water from entering.

    Nice, good idea.

    Nice idea. It's so sad that you had to do this. There are 'roving bandits' driving up and down streets and scoop up any packages. Some guy put dog crap in t\a package and you guessed the theives stole it.

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    Fortunately for me my packages were taken by a 4 year old neighbor and I was able to get them back.

    It just happened more than once so the camera seemed like a good idea.

    What kind of camera was used if you don't mind me asking? And here in FL in rains quite a bit, do you think the camera would be able to stand extreme heat and a lot of rain? Thank you for your post and time.

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    The camera is a D-link DCS-930L. I think the risks are low for water intrusion into the camera, the cover is intended to keep the elements out of the outlet. If you were concerned about the hole I think you could cut a thin piece of lexan or other clear plastic from packaging and glue it on the inside of the hole.

    I'm not sure about the heat, I'm in the desert so I'll be able to answer that better after a few months.

    The great thing is these cameras aren't super expensive so the risks are low.

    Good idea, hope you catch the thieves.

    Quick fix: "The Power Pupply Didn't Fit." I'm sure you meant "Supply."

    Nice 'ible.