Picture of Outfit your zen with office supplies
This is how to accessorize your new zen with office supplies for under two dollars!

What you need
-Pliers with wire strippers or a knife
-Paper clip (coated ones work best)
-Paper binder clips, mauly clips, (whatever you want to call them)
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Step 1: Cable holder

Picture of Cable holder
If your anything like me you get paranoid when your zen's battery gets low. You also might like to use it's sd card as a flash drive. In order to do either of these you need a usb cable, but don't have a good way to carry it.

For this step you will need the mauly clip. Clip it onto the big end of the usb cable as shown in the picture.
Take off the handles and bend them as shown.
reattach them
Keep your cable on your keys or any other convenient place.

Step 2: Reset Pin

Picture of Reset Pin
My zen is great, but sometimes when I transfer songs onto it it freezes (using gnomad2, not its own software)

For this step you need a small paper clip
-Unfold the paper clip (see picture)
-Cut the paper clip with pliers (see picture)
-Strip coating off of end of clip
-Make a loop at the end and mount on headphones

Reset whenever without needles!

Step 3: Desk holder

Picture of Desk holder
If you like to make things and aren't ocd chances are your desk probably doesn't have space for your zen or if it does it has lots of things that could ruin it. A few days ago I bought a case for it from the dollar store, but I still don't like to keep it there so I made this.

All you need is a big paper clip.

Step 4: Wrapping headphones

Picture of Wrapping headphones
I get so annoyed when people wrap thir headphones tightly around their players. They damage the pug for nothing.

Sorry, just had to say it.

Step 5: Final thoughts

So thats it!

If you like or have Ideas or improvements please comment.

If you like it please rate it.

Thanks, happy building
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toogers5 years ago
step 4 error: they damage a pug for nothing
Derin toogers4 years ago
poor pug
cx420ns5 years ago
i ♥ my zen, it's beautiful. the only thing i don't like are the earbuds that came with it. i've never had to reset mine, but i run most things off a sd cards cause im too lazy to screw around with the player software. i used an old palm screen protector cut to size on mine, couldn't find any screen protectors specifically for it around here.
I have a 2gb ZEN and so does my Fiance. We are constantly taking them everywhere with us and when we do go to recharge of add or change music and contents it's a pain to find the cords. Specially the little bitty ones that come with the units. The cord holder will be perfect make that and use a small cup hook put into the side of your desk or the wall near your monitor and it will always be handy.
These are really cool tips, my friend has a Zune, so i gotta show him this, i might even use these on my non-zune mp3 player. Great instructable, and thanks for commenting on my helmet. +1 rating
LinuxH4x0r (author)  The Insomniac6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
(removed by author or community request)
the zen only has a downside of bad software and firm ware
LinuxH4x0r (author)  QuiksilverRox6 years ago
Not true. The original firmware sucked, but the new one is really good. I haven't reset it since I updated it.
how do you update it?
LinuxH4x0r (author)  cormac30506 years ago
Search around on creative's site
well I had a 8gb microphoto and it broke. long story short, the battery was so low I couldn't install new firmware and after talking for months with the stupid customer service. they sent me a pink one instead but then I finally got a cool grey one with a complementary Mu Vo v100. but after a while it stopped working. now I have a 4gb zen and it freezes now and then and when I come out of lock mode it locks up. and the explorer for me it usually makes double copies of my music. through all the trouble though, it is way cheaper and better than Ipod and Zune.
LinuxH4x0r (author)  QuiksilverRox6 years ago
Try updating the firmware on the 4g zen. I did on mine and it is way better.
when did that come out
LinuxH4x0r (author)  QuiksilverRox6 years ago
IDK, they did it for me when I sent it in because it got bricked :P
Gah, im an idiot, i must have read the title wrong, along with not looking at the pictures closely enough. Stupid me, completely my fault, i feel stupid now. You are right on the the Zune being crappy, though the new ones are a bit less so i've heard.
my friend has one, i myself am in Ipod kind of person, but the new Zunes r actually very good blieve it or not
Derin6 years ago
i wrap the cord lightly a couple loops then tighter perpendicular wraps
what is the reset pin for?
LinuxH4x0r (author)  Yerboogieman7 years ago
If it freezes when I transfer stuff from the computer.
cheezstake7 years ago
I like your idea for keeping a reset tool handy. I hate having to find a paperclip at work when it freezes up on me. As for wrapping the headphones, I always get ones with a right angled plug to prevent that problem. Good instructable!
LinuxH4x0r (author)  cheezstake7 years ago
Thanks! I personally think that the freezing is a problem that creative should have taken care of a long time ago. Sometimes I find that the right angle ones actually break easier. I think they should design headphones with a shorter, no functioning cable in the middle with the others wrapped around it so there isn't any pressure on the wires carrying the sound. But then again, that wouldn't get them the maximum profit...

I also have to give credit to this one
This inspired me to try my hand at an instructable for the Zen. With the severe lack of accessories for the Zen, maybe a few people will like an idea or two. After reading this yesterday, my eye caught an item in my house that may work quite well. Hopefully it will be up here soon. Thanks for the inspiration.
LinuxH4x0r (author)  cheezstake7 years ago
Great! I'm glad it inspired you. Hope to see it soon.
Nice job LinuxH4x0r! I rated it +1, and nice Zen... go Jimi Hendrix!!!
LinuxH4x0r (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Thanks! Yeah, the zen is a great little player, and jimi is even better (listening to voodoo child right now)