Outie Headphones: Parametric Bent Wood Lamination

Picture of Outie Headphones: Parametric Bent Wood Lamination
headphones cad.png
This is part of a two-Instructable project on outie (or reversible headphones). The main Instructable can be found here. If you have no interest in headphones but all the interest in parametric wood lamination, my hope is this one can stand alone.

Wood lamination is a fairly messy process. It is difficult to create pieces with critical dimensions, where the functionality is lost if those dimensions aren't met. The end result of the lamination is only as good as the mold/jig you create for it. And if you want to vary the final form even a little bit, you have to create an entirely new mold, usually by hand.

I wanted to explore automatic generation of wood lamination mold and profiles from a parametric 3D model of the finished product. For this I needed:
  • 3D model of the finished product based on critical dimensions (essentially head size for a headphone)
  • 3D model of the mold and wood lamination sheet, automatically generated from finished product

Once I have these, I can:
  • automatically generate cut files for ShopBot and laser cutter for a particular design
  • ensure laminated piece holds to the intended critical dimensions
  • change the critical dimensions in the model for a different head, and automagically generate new molds and profile cut files

The intent is that by going through this process for a simple part, I could gain insight on the process of "automated" wood lamination creation that would later enable me to apply generative art concepts to wood laminates.
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wrsexton12 months ago
Another reason to build my own CNC router. Tremendous learning tool, this instructable!
Marker102412 months ago
You killed it, love the future work ideas
nerd747312 months ago
pretty cool bro
Kiteman12 months ago
Awesome job.