The most painful part of listening to music everywhere you go is the inability to share it properly with others. We've tried earbuds, portable speakers, large portable speakers, cars, and beatboxing. Each has an ideal situation where it really shines, but no one solution transitions from the individual listening experience to the group very well. So just like a belly button, we need something that can go from outtie to innie on command to meet the necessities of the situation. Innie/outie headphones.

This is the main Instructable for the outie/reversible headphones project. A finished sub-Instructable on the parametric CAD bent wood lamination part can be found here.

Step 1: Cannibalize Ze Speakers (and Electrical Planning)

Take the speakers apart. The 4x screws that hold them together can only be accessed once the speakers are expanded. Remove the innards, being careful to not break any of the small wires. Measure and model the interfaces needed later for CAD.

The X-Minis have several inputs/outputs for music:
  1. external 1/8" male audio input (white cable)
  2. mini-USB female jack input (for charging and audio through the provided cable)
  3. 1/8" female audio output (for daisy chaining the output of one speaker to the input of the next)

Each of the X-Minis normally act as their own speaker, with their own power switch, volume, and audio input. As headphones, it would be ideal at all times for each to share the same volume, audio input, and power switch. The cable that comes with the X-Minis connects a USB Type A and a 1/8" audio input to the X-Minis with a 2x USB-Mini male connectors through a volume knob (see the picture with the black X-Minis).

This configuration works well for a pair of headphones: a master volume switch, shared audio source. The downfalls are no shared power switch (I decided to just let that be) and the USB-Mini inputs for audio are a little bulky and unsightly. To fix this, I decided to eliminate the USB-Mini male plugs from the cable, and solder the internal wires directly to the inside of the speaker. Additionally, decided to remove the audio output jack to save space, and to remove the volume dial on the speakers themselves so only the volume knob on the cable is used.
This was beautifully made! But I hope you dont accidentally blow your ears from the amps Dx
I want to play with it
wow...this is awesome! i want one!
Wow. Can I just buy a pair from you??
It's a good thing, I don't have any use for my x-minis anymore :)) <br> <br>Great Project!
I like crepes
Nice headphones!

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