Picture of Outlets of the Future   aka   in-wall USB Charger

Your Iphone is dead, someone has run off with your Ipod wall charger, if only it where the future and all outlets were USB! 

This instructable will show you how to convert a standard outlet into an inwall USB Charger.  In about 30 minutes and for under $10.00.

Not only will this add a permanent place to charge your USB devices.  It will get your home ready for the future, when most appliances are USB.  (I make no guarantees this will happen)

Step 1: Materials / Tools

Picture of Materials / Tools

2 - Mini USB chargers ($3.00 - $9.00 on eBay)
1 - Blank wall plate (screws included)
1 - Existing wall Duplex.
Epoxy or other strong Glue

Flat Screw Driver
Exacto or utility knife
Drill or Dremel
Pencil or other making device.

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that would be awesome for my bedroom wall

Buy the parts yourself and get an electrician friend to help you! Then buy him/her a drink afterward.
This is a nice idea but it's just not worth accidentally frying yourself, your loved ones or burning down your house through faulty wiring.

I am an electrician. Get yourself a non-contact voltage detector. Check it on a live receptacle to make sure it works, then use it to make sure the receptacle you are working on is dead (open the breaker you think powers the receptacle you are working on, check the receptacle dead with the detector). Receptacles are fairly easy to wire up. Ground (green wire or bare copper wire for Romex wire) goes to the green screw on the receptacle. Black is almost always the hot wire. This wire goes on the brass screw. White is the neutral and it goes on the silver screw. If you have non standard wire colors then yes, get an electrician. Don't turn the breaker back on unless the receptacle is mounted and the cover is on.
Xixfas rhemus2 years ago
did you make an account just to say that?
Hextor (author)  the_crikster5 years ago
I don't understand, is the drink for payment, or to ease that fact that he just violated code and will lose his license?

the issue isn't the danger while doing it.  it's what many many many many many people have repeated many many many many times: by doing this it's a potential hazard.
Sorry that's a very British thing to say isn't it. Cook them a meal, buy them a gift, whatever....
Didn't know they could lose their license, so I probably wouldn't ask them after all.
And I know lots of people have said the same thing. just couldn't resist myself.
bobw41413 years ago
Miserlou573 years ago
This was a great idea for sure, but the the big dogs have moved in and done it... Fastmac's was underpowered (can't do iPad + iPhone), but CurrentWerks has two versions that both power down when your'e not using them.
ajriding3 years ago
I have always understood that these AC to DC converters were always on and drawing current. There has been a lot of whining about leaving your unused phone chargers plugged in all the time bc of the current draw and wasting electricity. If they are on then they are producing heat potentially. That is the potential fire hazard in your wall.
I am guessing this outlet is using a plug in converter hardwired to the outlet wires and attached to the cover plate. Maybe it need an on/off switch.
Great idea though otherwise.
Your theory seems MOST likely. Ether to HOT or just a WASTE.
Sure, that little thing will explode your house. Just saying, this does NOT produce that much heat. It gets warm, maybe. An off/on switch however is not a bad idea, as it is draining power.
pretty ballin
zack2473 years ago
those comments about wasting power and burning houses down seem a little far-fetched to me, my phone charger is basically the same thing (just with a cord and no usb port) but even while its charging my phone it doesnt get warm, and if the phone isnt plugged in its not doing much work so there isnt very much power being wasted at all.

i know these chargers are completely different things but i highly doubt they generate enough heat to start something on fire. as far as electrical code..
i dont see much wrong with it, the sockets are just set deeper in the wall, is all.
ilpug3 years ago
This goes beyond a facepalm to more like a facepunch. WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THIS. Ah well, you thoguht of it, and it is AWESOME. I am in the process of making it too.
Diabloscope3 years ago
my Wife found this somewhere , USB turns on when plugged in . Sorry no info on this all it says in the back Made By WWW.SAKAR.COM item # is 76170 but its not on their product line . ?
Belkin Actually has a good one as well ,

Fastmac is currently not shipping

i'm definitely going to take this apart and incorporate into a standard GFCI wall Socket
David973 years ago
thats awsome
David97 David973 years ago
nice job
Forgive me if someone else has already suggested this, but perhaps you could put the outlet on a switch that way it is off unless you are using it?
or a timer that only allows power durring hours that you are present.
asheldon73 years ago
Why not just buy a outlet with built in usb ports?
Hextor (author)  asheldon73 years ago
When I first made this instructable there were no commercial products available. besides that why buy when you can make, if you don't prescribe to the philosophy, it's curious why you are on this site. And of course it's funner to build than to buy.
because some things are meant to be built proffesionally so you dont burn down ur house. just because that plug isntshowing signs that something will happen dont mean an outlet somewhere else is going to be a problem down the road. but cool project NTL.
Because this whole website is about making your own. I'm sure that lots of Instructibles are available to buy but where's the fun in that?!
d_o12133 years ago
your still wasting electricity by having them plugged in sorry :/
Hextor (author)  d_o12133 years ago
This is a debate that will go on for ever, if it does draw power without an ipod plugged in, it doesn't even register on a Kill-a-watt after 24 hours. I can live with that!
Yeah, ought to have a little switch for each one.
mattccc4 years ago
Sadly, that outlet at fastmac has been on backorder since 2009 (apparently STILL awaiting safety approval). I hope one day it ships, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

It does look like they updated the design. You can see the older version in a comment below from me. Notice the date of the post...
I just got mine the other day. I love it!
bjreicks3 years ago
What you want is a custom plate to hold an ipod iphone to the right or left side with a retractable / fold away power cable from the usb adapters (located under the ipod shelf / holder )......................... Ideally you would want a custom plate with dual light switches. One switch for lights and one switch with dedicated power to your usb chargers under the ipod tray. It also should have a green power on led :) ..........................This would get your ipod iphone at a proper hand level............................... Home Depot should be selling these for about 25 bucks - IMHO.
PowerLion14 years ago
COOL IDEA! However to cover the code violation I would just rather buy one of these: http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/travelpower/e81a/.
ferdna4 years ago
what dremel bit are you using here?
dgabrielle4 years ago
LOVE this. Especially since its in MY kitchen!
oh cool :)
theo675 years ago
Why not just plug them into an outlet directly when needed and forget all the mods.  Why create work when you do not need to, as well as endangering yourself fiddling around with high voltage and bare wires.!!!!
Occam's razor applys even to "those who must tinker." The simple solution is always the good/best solution. Plug 'em into the wall when you need power for your I phone.
Because we here at Instructables.com are tinkerers, and tinkerers tinker. Do we really *need* any other reason to create more work for ourselves? Why cook food when organically-grown raw food is more nutritious? Because fire makes it better! And tinkering makes *ANY* device better!
Well said!
Point taken. Do you cook your roots and berries? Strange????
Some, yes. Because fire makes it better.
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