Step 40: Fennel Monsters

The island foxes may be small, but the plants aren't. We saw some vast fields of the biggest fennel anywhere. And the deepest most comfortable grass we've ever sat in. K digs down into it looking for the umtion-horizon or somesuch from her soil science.

K sez: The main two goals of the island's restoration plan are to eradicate feral pigs and the fennel weed. The aftermath of pig rooting resembles a plowed field. It is within those disturbed areas that erosion occurs and fennel becomes established.
<p>Hello, I really like your picture on step 42 &quot;Paddle a Dozen Kayaks at Once&quot; - also because it illustrate some physics I have been thinking about for a while. Would you allow me to archive these 2 images on my flickr and credit them and link them to your instructables? I might use this photo in some slideshow to illustrate how several boats chained behave. Thanks! Great adventure reading you ! I want to do the same island hopping soon (in Hong Kong). </p>
Well, Tim, I have a lot of admiration for your astonishing accomplishments in all directions. <br>Meanwhile, I'm wondering if you ever got the Evinrude running after it stopped. <br>
Tim, Great&nbsp; story and a innovative boat, I am interested in arming my 18' grunman with a Ama, and crab claw sail, leeboards, rudder. &amp; 2hp outb.I met you thru wolfgang, I am a blacksmith on the base, [for now,] I built a greenland skin on frame, and now I want a different project. Joe. bohemianblacksmith@gmail.com<br />
&nbsp;way to listen to your dreams and intuition...
&nbsp;the moon sailing and cliffs sound amazing.
i love that the competent Kat has one of the guides upside down. you forgot to mention that she's adorable.<br />
Good trip log!&nbsp; Impressive footage of wave surfing!&nbsp; Nice to see the &quot;Cuba canoe&quot; back in action, and to see the person who took those great balsa raft photos.
Hey thanks for the kind words and for appreciating stuff!
Great story, Tim. Cool motor, too. I have one about that size for my canoe; a 1952 Elgin 2 hp that I got cheap.<br />I've read about people using biodiesel mixed with gasoline in 2 stroke motors. The biodiesel acts as both lubricant and fuel. Also, in some parts of the world (Sierra Leone. fr'instance) outboards run on kerosene, and the kerosene has enough lubricity to not require any lube oil premix. Wonder if that would work with straight biodiesel? The compression ratio would have to be reduced, as is the case with kerosene engines.<br />
What a great trip thanks fo sharing it with us.<br />Just one note. You may want to do something about the photos with the misapproproated government property in them. <br />
Oh thats gotta be fun!<br />Especially this time of the year when the weather is warmer.<br />Wish i could do something like that w/ my buddies, still in school tho. <br /><br />(Hey, by the way, isnt that pillar point harbour?<br />&nbsp;im from around there, haha)<br /><br />-m<br />
Sounds like fun was had by all!&nbsp; And did you include step 28 just for me? ;)<br />
Thanks Tim, that was great, I felt like I was there. From now on I'm going to follow the axiom, &quot;if it ain't broke, fiddle about with it&quot;.<br />
You can purchase the manual through http://www.outboardbooks.com/ if you are willing to spend a little cash. A&nbsp;short google search returned no promising leads as far as a free pdf manual was concerned.<br />
Looks like an incredible trip! Be sure to give us an update on your trip to retrieve the boat.<br />
Boy Tim, the fun never stops when you are around.&nbsp; :-)<br />

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