Outrigger Canoes


Introduction: Outrigger Canoes

Here are a few conversions from a plain old canoe into an outrigger canoe stable enough for sailing. We use Expandacraft modular hulls which come in 4 foot sections with other components to fit up to almost any canoe or kayak.

Simply bolt the Expandacraft outrigger kit to a canoe and presto, you have a stable boat for adventure. If you have a 12 to 14 foot canoe you should use the 12'9 Expandacraft outrigger kit. A 16 to 18 foot canoe would require a 16'9 Expandacraft kit if you want to maximize the space and increase the volume as much as you can.

Check out www.expandacraft.com for more on the hulls and outrigger kits for your canoe or kayak.

Step 1:



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