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The design used turquoise oval shaped bead wrapped with copper wires embellished with beads that adds glitter to the earring’s surrounding. With this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make spirals and double spirals, and also learn how to wire wrap with beads. The design can also be used on other shapes of beads like flat back beads, tear drop beads and maybe even round beads. 

Step 1:

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Cut approximately 13cm 0.8mm copper wire. Bend to 90 degrees at 0.6cm and make a loop.

Step 2:

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Take your oval shaped bead and wrap the wire around it to form the wire into an oval shape like shown in this picture.

Step 3:

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Cut 30cm 0.3mm wire and wrap the wire onto the earring frame several times. Then start wrapping the wire by sliding in a seed bead one at a time. When you reach the center part of the earring frame stop wrapping.

Step 4:

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Cut 6cm 0.8mm wire and make a double spiral.

Step 5:

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Attach the double spiral onto the earring frame with the 0.3mm wire and continue wrapping with seed beads.

Step 6:

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Cut approximately 10cm 0.3mm wire and wrap onto one side of the earring frame. Slide in your turquoise bead and wrap the other end of the wire at the opposite side.

Step 7:

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Create another spiral on the other end of the earring frame. Fit in your earring stud and you're done! I hope you like it!

This is just a summarized tutorial but if you like a complete pictoral step by step in PDF format you can download with this LINK.


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Those are very pretty. Great job! Thanks for sharing. :)

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