Oval shot glass cabinet stands about 4 feet tall and holds a little over 100 glasses - made almost entirely from reclaimed materials.

The main frame is made from bendy plywood with an oak veneer on the exterior. Backing is milled shiplap pine boards reclaimed from a church renovation. Shelves are made from pallet slats. Door is made from some old resawn barn wood that belonged to my great grandfather. The door also holds a sheet of plexiglass. It hangs on the wall with a french cleat. The whole cabinet is finished with linseed oil and the outside has a few coats of lacquer.

Step 1: Planing the Form

I started with a rough sketch for the client and to use as a template for the build.

I printed out a full size template of the drawings to work from.

The template was used to trace onto a scrap piece of OSB. I created two copies of the oval shape for each side of the form and spaced it with some pieces of strapping.

very Impressive idea..
<p>You did a maavelous job! Looks great. I don't have those</p><p>electric tools(toys) since I use mostly hand tools. Think Yankee Workshop :)</p><p>That probably stops me from attempting this, although I may take the</p><p>challenge and attempt to do it my way. I may learn new tricks. Thanks for</p><p>showing the build steps.</p>

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