Oval Rag Rug (made With a Big Crochet)





Introduction: Oval Rag Rug (made With a Big Crochet)

Hi ! This is my first post!
This is a rag rug made with a crochet of 1.5 cm. You can find different kind of clothing in it: t shirt, scarf, dress, pants, sweater and even sheets & curtain. My best choice of fabric is 90% cotton and 10% spandex (it's look softer with it) but I also use a lot of 100% cotton, blends of cotton, polyester, acrylic etc. You don't have to avoid strechy material, but watch out for mixting thin & thick and the wide of your stripe.

This one took me about one month and a half of free time. I'm very proud of it, because I cut everything with my scissors, witch is a very long process. So it's true to say: I made it!



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    Great idea to recycle fabric no longer wanted but I was sick when I saw you use a Mickey Mouse sheet because I LOVE Mickey!

    Nice rug,
    I'm just wondering, how did you prevent it from warping around the curves. You must have added more swith each row but how much and when.

    Regular oval shape like this ^^ : http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa100299.htm

    I use a pattern of regular oval crochet pattern as you can find on the net. I also have to check at every round if everything is flat (because i use different kind of fabrics, of different thickness).

    Wild stuff! I love it. (and the kittycat)
    I googled rag rug, and your specimen deffo is the coolest I have come across so far.
    There's this silly idea in my head of using every item of unwanted clothing we have (well, almost every item) to make a rug that is big enough to cover a considerable chunk of bare floor boards in our living room, and your approach seems to be the most feasible. Now... gimme a crochet hook, I have a rug to make.

    That's so kind ^^ But be ready to put a lot of time in it :-)

    Nicely done, definitely a great way to use old clothing.

    Great project. Love your little helper =)

    yeah, this project keep her attention... all the moving fabric string in a cardboard box ^^