Step 5: Additional cooking time.

You'll cook the ribs for two more hours, turning the tray every 30 minutes. (Remember not to turn the ribs over, just change the direction of the tray!)

The last picture shows them halfway through, the other pictures are the finished product. Make sure to let them rest a little while before you cut into them... mine sat around for about 15 minutes before I did anything with them.

These look delicious.<br><br>A couple pro tips would be to remove the silver skin membrane on the bone side of the ribs before applying the rub...use the Google for instructions. This membrane inhibits flavor penetration and gets caught in your teeth as well as being hard to digest.<br><br>There is a lot of debate in the BBQ world about dry vs wet smoking...basically whether or not you introduce steam and how much into the equation. While you're not smoking (BBQing) here I think the moisture question is still in play. I'm a proponent of moisture...if you have a gas oven you're getting some moisture from the combustion if you are electric you aren't. In any case you might consider adding a water tray for steam. As always experimentation will determine the right setup for you. I personally add water to the drip pan in my smoker to add moisture and prevent drip fires.<br><br>You might also consider an extended resting period (1 hour) wrapped in foil + a towel and or in an empty cooler (no ice) this will further break down the collagen in the rack and produce that fall off the bone texture that is the goal of traditional BBQ.<br><br>&quot;You don&rsquo;t win friends with salad.&rdquo; &mdash; Homer Simpson
&quot;Looks&quot; good.... <br>Key phrase, but extremely disappointed in final result. Dry and too curry tasting.
Thanks for letting me know about the membrane! I browsed so many books and websites before starting, but none told me to remove it. I kept thinking something looked off... but I couldn't quite put my finger on it, ha. I guess most people are able to buy them properly prepared and don't go shopping for them in the middle of the night. ;)<br><br>I do thankfully have a gas oven! And I think I will try your suggestion to add a little water to the pan next time... anything to make them even better! <br><br>The resting wrapped in foil is a good idea, too. Thank you so much for all your tips. You've really helped a noob out. :D
This was awful! Dry and too curry tasting. Waste of money for organic pork. ?
<p>Im guessing you mean dry mustard for the rub?</p>
Anyone know of a good recipe for ribs cooked on a bbq.
<p>Doug. garland18</p><p>Use &quot;All spice&quot; 1/2 a cup and brown sugar also a 1/2 cup or more depending how many slabs you are doing. rub the ribs all over let sit for three days in the refrigerator in a plastic container. Massaging the ribs with the combination dry rub turning the ribs each time you massage them. You see the brown sugar will liquidfly. BEST DAM RIBS EVER! Good luck Let me know how they came out? A Fellow rib lover!</p>
Do I turn the tray 180&deg; or just 90&deg; every half hour after the first hour?
Thank you. This turned out AMAZING, even the kids ate them lol.
Thanks so much! I never made ribs before and these came out great! Very moist inside and I had to omit some seasoning for the rub since I ran out :( <br><br>They were a big hit!
Also, I love your Fried Yellow Squash and Zucchini as well. We are talking finger food heaven with these two recipes.
<p>TY MsJaxFla... I've looked up the Fried Yellow Squash and Zucchini recipe!!!</p>
I actually had to make them twice that week they were so good. :P I sometimes forget if I go without them for a while!
<p>These ribs have been cooking in the oven for the last 3 hrs. I used a dry rub from Cabelas and the last 15 mins I applied Duckies Apple Butter BBQ sauce. Can't wait to eat for dinner! Smells amazing!!!!</p>
<p>looks like they'd be mighty good! i do mine on the smoker ( built a big one several years ago that i do everything in from briskets to chickens and ducks to ribs to rattlesnake to sausage to...on and on ad infinitum,) and in the oven. usually do them in the oven in a deep disposable foil pan. most of the time i do them about 250-255 f for at least two to two and a half hours, sometimes cooking them on out wet and sometimes dry at the end. this recipe you did looks like a good one! keep at it. :)</p>
<p>OBSESSED! Thank you. </p><p>I made a few accidental tweaks that I really enjoyed: full tsp of cayenne pepper, 1.5 TBS salt, 2 TBS brown sugar. I also cooked on convection for 2 hours. Awesome find</p>
Im Cooking this right now it smells sooo good its tourcher 3 more hours before I can eat it
Im Cooking this right now it smells sooo good its tourcher 3 more hours before I can eat it
<p>I followed directions exactly and used the 275 degree temp for 4 hours as was suggested you might try next time. Ribs were delicious. Like going to our favorite rib joint without leaving home in this freezing January weather.</p>
<p>To remove the silverskin---I made a cut down the middle of the length on the bone side of ribs, then &quot;dug underneath&quot; the layer of silverskin on the inside at one end of the cut. Once I got as edge loose, I grabbed it with a dry paper towel and pulled up and down to the opposite end. The dry paper towel helps you &quot;get a grip&quot;. A chef on TV showed viewers this method and it works well and easy.</p>
<p>done this recipe several times and comes out great every time, but i do add water to the pan with beer, onions, and spices. dont know if the additions into the water make a difference. would i need to change cooking time with a second rack f ribs thrown on there?</p>
I tried this for the first time tonight. I used Corky's Dry Rub as my seasoning, but followed your recipe and got fall-off-the bone tender ribs! I let the rub marinate for nearly 25 hrs. and propped it in my gas oven. Great!
I tried this for the first time tonight. I used Corky's Dry Rub as my seasoning, but followed your recipe and got fall-off-the bone tender ribs! I let the rub marinate for nearly 25 hrs. and propped it in my gas oven. Great!
I totally made it and it was totally DEELISH, even though I should have followed the authors advice and only used half the rub. I ended up using 3/4 of it but it was still tasty!<br><br>I had to cut mine in half because my baking rack thingy couldn't support the whole rack of ribs in one piece. <br><br>(My &quot;after&quot; pic looks like I burned them but I didnt, I swear!)
<p>how long did you have the ribs in the oven at 300 degrees?</p>
<p>Right around three hours :)</p>
<p>Trying this! I just put my ribs in the fridge with the rub and will pop it in the oven tomorrow. Hope it comes out as great as everyone says and thanks everyone for the tips! </p>
<p>How many hours did you leave the rub on before cooking? To marinade.</p>
<p>I just rub them and put them right in the oven - however, you can rub them the night before and leave them in the fridge if you have time. They taste really great that way!</p>
Thanks! The ribs turned out amazing. Everyone loved it. Gonna do it again soon.
Helpful tip: if you put your ribs in a pot of water and leave them in the oven for an hour or so on a low heat (125-150)before you cook them, they will be super tender and slid right off the bone. you can also put veggies in the water to ad a bit of flavor.
I have to disagree. Boiling the ribs before cooking will simply make a &quot;rib broth&quot; sucking all of your flavor out of your ribs. All of your flavor will stay with the water you're going to pitch. Stick with steam.
I never had that problem. but I don't actually boil them either. That's why you use low heat. I learned this from a friend that cooks for a &quot;fancy&quot; restaurant, and it has always made me super tasty &amp; super tender ribs.
<p>yes restaurant trick try some pickling spice in the water also brings a good flavour out</p>
<p>OMG! I have been looking for a great way to make ribs for several years, and this is it. My family are all rib lovers, and all agreed these are the best we've ever eaten. Really tender and moist! I followed the recipe for the rub. I had 2 full racks of ribs, so cut them in half and put 2 halves on each shelf in my oven. I cooked them for the exact time and temp on the recipe. The only difference was that I put some water in the bottom of each of the 2 pans. Had to add a little water a couple of times. Served with a fabulous bbq sauce recipe I found years ago. Perfect! Thanks. </p>
I used a rub from our local butcher but followed your instructions. The meat was so tender and moist! Thank you for sharing.
Great recipe you have here. If you'll remove the 'silverskin' from the backside before seasoning you'll have a much better outcome.
How do you get the &quot;silver skin &quot;off? I pulled and tugged and gave up.
I know this is a couple years ago but take a pairing knife and run it down the long way of the ribs. This will score the membrane and grab it with your fingers from the inside. and when you get enough together rip it down.
I know this is late but it might help someone else. You should remove the silver skin so that the rub and sauce get into the meat from the bottom, plus you really don't need to eat that part. You can find how-to's on Google, but basically you pull up enough of a piece of the silver skin so you can grab onto it. It's slippery, so use a paper towel to get a grip. Then, just keep pulling until you can peel the whole piece off.
I'll definitely do that next time! Thanks for letting me know!
This is a great rub recipe! It's the first I used, so when I lost it, I just picked another recipe from allrecipes.com, thinking they are all about the same. Wrong! It wasn't nearly as good as this one. Glad I tracked this down. Thanks!!! I've printed it out and put it in my book!!
tried these when this ible first appeared - there awesome!, getting hold of the ribs was a bit of a challenge though - ribs in scotland tend to be smoked and stuck in soup to add flavour - i had cast around for other methods of cooking them but this is the first one i found where u cook them in the oven, great job jessy!

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