Picture of Oven Element Repair
My wife was making potato wedges when in the middle of cooking the bottom oven element catches fire and starts to sparkle like a party sparkler. I run for my camera and when I get back to the kitchen its over my wife turned off the stove and when I turned the stove back on nothing happens.

I wish my wife did not turn off the stove so I could have gotten photos of the bottom element throwing off sparks it was neat. Oven blows up and no photos bummer, the white marks are from the electrical fire. Now if I take too long getting to the repair she might fix it herself like she does her computer.

My parents owned an appliance store in Toronto before they bought the farm north of Shelburne so if I repaired one of these I repaired a thousand. This repair usually takes about twenty minutes if you have the parts.

A point of note KNOW YOUR STOVE I can’t count the number of times I went out on a service call for my father on a long weekend just to turn on the oven so a customer could cook their turkey. They only use their oven once or twice a year and the timer had the oven turned off. Minimum charge 1 hour emergency and holiday double fee $250 an hour just to turn your stove on.

Now most repairpersons would come into your kitchen open the stove look at it and say yep it’s broke. Then they would take out the two screws holding the burner in place pull out the burner disconnect the wires and go out to their truck to retrieve a replacement burner. They come back connect the wires to the replacement burner, screw it in place, close the oven door, turn the oven on, and start to fill out the bill as he waits for the oven to heat up to confirm it is working. A lot of work for 2 to 3 hundred dollars isn’t it.

I’m not most repairpersons;I have all kinds of salvaged spare parts I just have to find out if I have the right oven element.

Now that the fun part is over it’s time to make an Instructable on how to repair an oven element?
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Josehf Murchison (author)  amatthew9 months ago

OK don't try to find it with a match, it works but it can be a bit much to handle.

The number of people that have tried using a match would surprise you.

Clean your pilot lights if they are not electric, some of the old pilot lights with a flame can smell when they are dirty.

I can assume you don't have a gas sensor so use flower or talk powder and sprinkle it over the joints and pipes until the leak blows the flower or talk as you sprinkle it.

With gas it is best to have a qualified tech check it because your Insurance may not cover you if you have a fire or explosion and that is if no one gets hurt.


banker1 year ago
This reminds me of a friend who had a stove that hadn't work for a couple of years. I unplugged the heating element, cleaned off the grease so it would make good contact again, plugged it in, and Voila! It worked. My friend thought I was a genius.Thanks for your story.
BayRatt1 year ago
I like your 'ible a lot... would have loved to have it several years ago... and again this past June... I had to "fake" it... and sadly, without the presence of mind to flip the breaker... but fortunate enough to avoid turning into a crispy critter. Will be sure to seek this out when the element disintegrates... and it is pretty spectacular... first time was when I was cooking a turkey. Finished it on the BBQ. Second time, not nearly so important a meal.
Josehf Murchison (author)  BayRatt1 year ago
The principles of appliance repair are simple but there is a lot of voltage and current and I think the safety tips are more important.

I was checking a refrigerator that kept blowing the breaker I unplugged the fridge and set the breaker and nothing happened.

I plugged the fridge in and a great flaming arc came out of the receptacle burning my hand.

The fridge was fine, the receptacle was defective, and I was in the ER being treated for electrical burns.

That is when I learned ware gloves to.

Did you checkout my Stove Top Repairs

Michael_oz1 year ago
Nicely explained.

I had to do the front replacement version on my wall mounted oven; not so easy to get at the back...

Off topic, is there some rationale to that shape of Smokey's food bowl? Never seen one like that before.
Josehf Murchison (author)  Michael_oz1 year ago
Yes Smokey's bowl is designed to keep him from eating to much at one time. He is the type to eat until he pukes.
iceng1 year ago
Good ible, accurate and to the point.
Well this is handy to know. Will have to keep this stored in the old gray matter for when it happens to me. Thanks!
glad to be helpful
rimar20002 years ago
Very good work, Josehf!
Pat White2 years ago
Nice dude