Right handed or left handed? Never-mind!
This oven mitt fits both! One at a time of course...

This item helps humans handle hot things in and out of the oven, protecting their delicate flesh from burns.

It is easy to hang in handy close to the over and it will look good in anyone's kitchen, including yours, your moms or your sweetheart. Keep it close by when grilling your favorite barbecue.
Get it from Etsy following this link: Everywear Etsy Shop

Or make your own, following this instructable.
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Step 1: Read the list of tools required

Picture of Read the list of tools required
Sewing machine



Measuring tape or ruler

Pencil or marker

Step 2: Read the list of materials needed

Sewing thread suitable for the sewing machine

Wider ribbon or bias tape 46cm (18 inch)

Quilted fabric, heat resistant (cotton) 50x50cm (20x20 inch)

Step 3: Read these silly safety notes

Picture of Read these silly safety notes
Please be careful with the scissors, needles and sewing machine.

The cut and pierce, but are made for fabric not human flesh.

Also, the mitt will only offer protection for handling hot objects for short times, to get them in and out of the over, it will not resist fire itself.

It will only protect the part inside the mitt, not the whole you.

Step 4: Pattern description and measurements

Picture of Pattern description and measurements
A. The mitt's outside.
Length 31cm (12inch) / width at base 18cm (7inch) / width at finger line 16cm (6inch)

B. The mitt's underside.
Length 27cm (11inch) / width at base 18cm (7inch) / width at finger line 16cm (6inch)

C. The mitt's middle center.
Length 22cm (9inch) / width at finger line 16cm (6inch)
sunshinegal5 years ago
Love your pattern. Having a hard time making pattern, wondering if there is a print out of the pattern? Thank you B.
mirela (author)  sunshinegal5 years ago
I have not scanned this pattern...sorry
pfirsch7 years ago
I am terrible at drawing. Are there downloadable pattern pieces that I could print out?
mirela (author)  pfirsch7 years ago
I wish... you can just draw around your hand, doesn't have to be perfect :)
mirela (author)  mirela7 years ago
The inner piece you can make a little shorter and the top part of the middle piece is the same as the top part of the outer piece. The bottom half of the middle piece you can overlap over the top part of the inner piece and trace over it. I'll try and find those pattern pieces and see if I can scan then.
pfirsch mirela7 years ago
Thank you for the explanation!
pfirsch mirela7 years ago
How should I trace around my hand? The outside piece seems easy, but the other two pieces are confusing.
reta7 years ago
Very useful! I love the fact that it fits both hands! Your pictures are just perfect.