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Introduction: Oven Nachos

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My boyfriend and I make nachos a lot, and we tend to use the microwave... but recently, I have decided that the oven is the ultimate way to do it. The microwave gives you overcooked, rubbery cheese and lots of hot spots.

Doing it either under the broiler or in the oven gives you soft, melted cheese and everything is nice and warm.

And it takes very little time - nachos in ten minutes or less, especially if you keep prepped ingredients on hand!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • plate of tortilla chips
  • beans or meat of choice
  • diced veggies
  • two handfuls shredded cheese
  • a broiler or oven set to 375 F
  • an oven safe plate
You can change this stuff up a ton! As far as the tortilla chips, I like using round ones because they're more bite-size. But we've even used doritos as tortilla chips. Sometimes I'll do refried beans, and sometimes I'll just use black beans. Shredded chicken, ground beef and chorizo are my favorites on nachos. And as far as veggies, I always use lots of red onion, fresh jalapeno, and bell pepper. Pickled jalapenos work well and give the nachos a wonderful vinegar-y kick. Cheese is up to you - we normally use cheddar because it's what we have on hand.

Step 2: Veggies!

Dice your veggies up and put them all over. I'd say I use a couple tablespoons of each. The more the better, honestly. Make sure they're distributed evenly.

Step 3: Meat or Beans... or Both.

Now add your proteins! I like to heat up meat or refried beans up before I put them on. It'll make the refried beans easier to deal with, and make sure the meat is nice and warm.

Step 4: Add the Cheese!

I like to do at least two handfuls of cheese. Just keep going until it looks like a good amount for you.

You want it to be nicely covered, but not drowning in it.

Step 5: Broil or Bake!

Broiling is the best method. I have a gas oven with the broiler in the bottom and it takes only a minute or two for the nachos to be done. If you have an electric oven, it will take a wee bit longer to broil. Just don't walk away, and set the timer for a minute at a time and check after every minute.

In a preheated 375 F oven, it will take closer to 5 minutes.

You just want the cheese to be fully melted, but not browned. Once it's starting to brown you're on the way to burnt city. :D

These are awesome served with sour cream or guacamole. (Need a guacamole recipe? I've got one!) We like to mix a little hot sauce into sour cream - it's especially good that way!



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    Thank you! I wasn't sure what time and temp to use!

    I sprinkled some taco seasoning over it because I only had chips and cheese.

    this post embodies why I should not use Instructables in the middle of the night...now I crave Nachos.

    Is it possible to drown anything in cheese? Mmmmm cheese! :D Love these, by the way <3

    Jessy! You hit my hungry spot! This looks so good! I love your recipes. Thanks for sharing them here. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

    I love nachos ! Of course they are messy to eat and for some of us even messier than for others. I have tried building them individually ala alton brown on good eats but that takes way to long so I guess its still shampoo time after enjoying a snack. Very tasty "ible"

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    Yes, it is so easy to make your own and these are perfect instructions. And you can make a double batch of what you want with good ground meat instead of paying those high prices for all that ucky, grease laden ground meat.

    Do you mash your own refried beans? I usually make mine from dried pinto's or black beans, but I basically just cook them and mash them, adding some beef or which ever bouillon to them instead of fat or lard.

    Also, this is great if you don't like meat..... cause you can leave it out and use vegetable bouillon instead.

    1 reply

    I've only made my own refried beans once. Normally I am a bit too lazy.

    I hope I'll be able to get a nice pressure cooker or slow cooker after I move, though, and then I'll be able to do it! :D

    I use an old style cookie sheet due to the number of people drawn to the kitchen while these are in the oven! (I didn't know so many people were under this roof!) Oven trumps micro!

    1 reply

    You might wish to mention the plate used needs to be oven safe... otherwise, some poor sap could put in a porcelain or ceramic plate which isn't, and end up with shards of plate and a mess of nacho ingredients in the oven. Or possibly use a paper plate (why?) and end up with an oven fire...

    1 reply

    Ha, I did. In step one. I didn't say anything about it in my draft write-up, and realized that was a bad idea and added it during editing. :P