The very idea of oven roasting a burger is something most burger purists won't consider. The flame broiled juiciness of a grilled burger, they say, cannot be duplicated indoors. And what if you want a burger in the winter months, and live in a place that gets snow? I have only met one person in my life who will actually dig out the grill and cook out in winter, and that is my crazy burger-purist mother.

I am here to show you that a grill is not necessary, and you do not have to bundle up in snow gear to have juicy, flavorful burgers in the middle of winter! The best part is that with this oven roasting process, you do not have to flip your patties. The juice seals in, the fat drips out and you've got yourself a delicious homemade roasted burger with less hassle than cooking on a grill or trying to pan-fry the patties. Even my mother agrees, oven roasted burgers beat the heck out of waiting until summer to cook out! She also says they are "every bit as delicious as grilled", and less greasy too! I just may have converted another grill traditionalist!


80% lean ground chuck (do not go leaner - the fat helps bind the meat and will melt down)

Burger seasonings (use whatever you normally do)

Nonstick cooking spray


Cookie sheet/jelly roll pan (you want a pan with a lip on it to catch the fat)

Aluminum foil

Roasting rack or cookie rack ( I used an oven safe cookie cooling rack)

Step 1: Prep Work

  1. Pre heat oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Add your burger seasonings to your ground beef, and thoroughly mix it together. Form even patties (thinner patties cook faster). I used a patty former, to get even burgers.
  3. Place a layer of aluminum foil over the cookie sheet, and place the rack on top, inside the lip of the sheet.
  4. Spray the rack lightly with nonstick cooking spray.
Me and the fiance made these tonight and they turned out really good. We placed the patties on sliced onions instead of a rack and added white cheddar the last 5 mins of cooking. They came out super juicy and flavorful...
<p>Gonna try this tonight, love the idea of using slice onion as a rack!</p>
<p>What a great method of cooking burgers! I'd had a super long day and was feeling super lazy- I even started with pre-shaped burger patties from the store- and I really didn't want to stand at the stove making a mess frying burgers. So glad I stumbled on this! The burgers turned out BEAUTIFULLY- I topped them with garlic salt, black pepper, and a little Worcestershire before baking. This is definitely going to be my new go-to!</p>
I did mine with frozen burgers, but they were the good 100% beef burgers. I cannot eat fatty or high grease meat. Using this method to cook them was perfect! ! They were not dry but very juicy an cooked to a well done perfection. . We topped our burgers with lettuce, tomatoes, an condiments. . Will try to post a picture next time around.. sept,23,2016
<p>I made these for my boyfriend and I earlier today. Seasoned them like meatloaf, was AMAZING!</p>
<p>I made these tonight (August 21st, 2016). They were delicious and cleanup was a breeze! </p>
<p>It doesn't even say how long to cook</p>
<p>CandyceD1, click the orange Next&gt;&gt; button to see the rest of the steps. Including how long to cook.</p>
<p>This recipe sounds fantastic, I'm definitely making these tomorrow, January 25th. Hope they turn out, thanks, rck77.</p>
<p>made these it was delicious !!</p>
<p>Tried it and it turned out fantastic! BEST way to cook burgers ever!</p>
<p>What a great instructable! I can't wait to try this method, thanks for sharing.</p><p>sunshiine</p>
<p>so yummy looking!!!!</p>
Made these tonight and they were fantastic! Thanks so much for this 'ible. I only had 85/15 handy but it held together quite well. And gotta love that cleanup! :-)
<p>Yay so glad you liked it! My family was so thrilled to have a little bit of summer on their plates, when we have a foot of snow outside! </p>
<p>This is cruel, got to wait till tomorrow to get all the ingredients! Looks veeeeeeeeeeeeery delicious!</p>
<p>Looks tasty!</p>

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