Step 2: Prep ribs

Picture of Prep ribs
Go to the store and pick up a rack or two of your favorite type of ribs.  I prefer pork ribs to the dinosaur-bone style beef ribs, so that means either the St. Louis style ribs, or the fall off the bone tender baby back ribs.  The nicely marbled ribs that appear below are of the St. Louis persuasion.

The ribs themselves only need a little bit of attention. 

Flip them onto their backs and remove the thin membrane that stretches across the bones.  This isn't absolutely necessary, but it's a nice thing to do so that when you eat the ribs down to nothing but the bone, you don't have that persistent membrane hanging around waiting for you. 

Peel the membrane back using the tip of a knife or your fingernail, and then carefully yank the rest off with your hands.  It's easy to do this like you peel off an unwanted bumper sticker - slow and steady, and in one sheet if possible.