I struggle with store bought salsa. It's often tastes very salty (loaded with sodium), contains preservatives... and I wonder often what's in it!

Here's a quick and easy way to make great tasting salsa far cheaper and healthier than you can get in the store.

My kids love this too and help me make it, often experimenting with other ingredients.

Ingredients and a price breakdown are below! Enjoy!


1 can diced tomatoes
Granulated garlic: 1tbs
Onion powder: 1 tsp
Black pepper (fresh ground if you can): 2 pinches, or a few grinds
Olive oil: 2 tbs
Tobasco: 1 tbs (adjust to taste after it's made. Start out with about a 1/2 and then adjust. I'll use two or three sometimes!)
Balsamic vinegar: 1/2 - 1tbs
Sea salt (or any salt that you've got, table, kosher, whatever): 1 pinch
Fresh cilantro, washed and rinsed: 1/4 to 1/3 of a bunch, about 20-25 sprigs)


1 tablespoon measure
1 teaspoon measure
… or you can estimate, and adjust to taste, a dash of this, a shake of that

Mixer of some sort... depending on taste and texture you want, what you have, or what you have time for! A spoon, potato masher, a food processor or Cuisinart Stick Mixer (which I use... very handy).

Price breakdown: I had to prove it to myself how much it typically costs!

1 can diced tomatoes, 28 0z $1.79
Garlic powder 5 cents
About 45 cents worth of cilantro, guessing about 1/3 of a bunch... I like a lot of cilantro in salsa!
54 cents of olive oil (about 27 cents per tbs)
Balsamic vinegar 5 cents
Tobasco: 6 cents
Onion powder 5 cents
= ~2.99 !!!

28 oz for 2.99... a fresh vibrant taste and no mystery ingredients ; )

Step 1: Assemble the Ingredients

I toss everything on the table or take it out of the cupboards as I go. Here's the cast assembled for a photo op ; )
I have made this a few times now and I love it!<br> <br> I don't add as much oil and I add ground cumin and ancho chili powder. It is so easy to make that there is no excuse to not to make it.<br> <br> I tried with tomato sauce but didn't like it. Crushed tomatoes is the way to go.<br> <br> To make it thicker I yesterday i sieved the crushed tomatoes, put the liquid into my blender with a pinch of xantan gum and combined it with the rest.
can i make half the salsa by putting half of everything or will that mess it up?
works just fine! tinker with the taste a bit... bit more of this or that once it's mixed. hope you enjoy it!
I will thank you
Wow! Super easy recipe. I will try this asap. A small spelling error; It's Tabasco, not tobasco.
Thanks for pointing out the error, Boost. Will correct it now. Thanks for tuning in!
That looks so good! I'll have to try this - it looks almost like what you'd get in a Mexican restaurant.
Thanks, Jessie! Easy to modify too.

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