Overclock a Lighter, AKA: Mini Flamethrower




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Introduction: Overclock a Lighter, AKA: Mini Flamethrower

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ALLERT: I jsut realized that another person has made this same instructable only better. I suggest you go find it, it was made before mine, and it explains it better and has clearer pictures. yes, I figured this out on my own, and did not steal the idea from him.

this instructable will tell you how to get a 3 in. flame out of a lighter, withuot breaking it or anything.
I take no responsability for what you do with this. my intent is that you use it to light fires easier (no, not arson)

and pls comment, even if you say you hate me lol.

Step 1: Items Needed

1. generic lighter.
2. extreme desire to play with, and get burned by fire.

Step 2: Take the Metal Cap Off

take the metal cap off. this can be done by bending the sides of it out.

Step 3: Up the Power

ok heres the slightly tricky part.
find the little switch that deternimes the power of the lighter, and turn it all the way to the UP position.
lift it up, then turn it to the LOW position, WITHOUT catching the gears. you should hear a clicking sound while you do this.
push it back down, and turn it once again to the UP position. repeat 2 more times and ONLY 2 more. (total of 3) doing more than this will cause excess fuel to run invisibly down the lighter and your hand, and when the flame goes out, your hand will catch on fire (yes, it happened to me lol). this will not hurt if you react quickly, and can be put out easily by just waving your hand through the air, but dont even take a chance.

yes, I am playing WoW in the background lol.

Step 4: Burn Something

Light em UP!!!!!

and next time, I'll show you how to make a REAL flamethrower out of a disposable fire extinguisher (how ironic!).



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    ooo world of warcraft what lvl r u lol this was a pointless comment

    5 replies

    I used to play a 65 shaman (lightninghoof server, horde) I'm not gonna play him anymore.

    Oh you kids and your fancy picture box RPGs. When I was a wippersnapper and I wanted to slice up some orcs I used a twenty-sided die, a #2 pencil and my imagination!

    Heh, just kidding. Nice 'ible.

    Did it glow when orcs were near? lol

    and I spend my spare time tweaking linux!

    tried this with a bic. there is no switch.

    DUDE, LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!
    what you have is not a flamethrower!!!!!
    if you were to realy make a flame thrower you would have something with a butterfly valv, to release an entire butane tank in 12 seconds, then ignite with a pilot light, only that can be a flame thrower, i shall build such a contraption, and show all of you off.

    now, my advice, redo that video, try and get the lighter in focus.
    because when you said "now you see that........"
    i felt like yelling out "NO, I CANT ACTUALLY SEE THAT!!!!!!!".
    please dont take my comment the wrong way, im not trying to be mean or offend you, pleaase dont take it the wrong way, ok

    Actually, that's how you turn it into a grenade.

    *Eyes open up*

    Yeah. You do that, ignite it and hold it until the button sticks, then put it down carefully and GTFO of there.

    u said,"and pls comment, even if you say you hate me lol."

    i know right , i was gonna do that too

    aw man id want him but i can get him banned dang u blizzard.can i look him up in the armory still?if so what is his name

    1 reply