Picture of Overclock your Game Boy Color!
Are you sick of wasting time playing long games like pokemon? In this giude you can overclock your GBC to play all games at much higher speeds so that you don't spend hours trying to beat your favorite games. On a side note, this is my first instructable. Yay!

Since I have done this instructable, I have made diagrams on how to use a socket to switch out crystals and how to use a switch to change speeds. Those diagrams can be found here
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Step 1: Tools needed

To complete this project, you are going to need the following tools

soldering iron (30- 40 watts is fine)
crystal (14mhz or 16mhz is recommended
triwing screwdriver or small flathead screwdriver
basic soldering skills
a game boy color (duh)
rosin core solder
vice grips

Step 2: Taking it apart

Picture of Taking it apart
First we have to take this apart. Now, it has those special screws nintendo uses on their products, so you might need to buy a triwing screwdriver. I bought one for $5 on ebay.

However, if you do not want to spend 5 bucks, you can use one of those mini flathead screwdrivers. The trick is to put the tip inbetween the three intersections on the screws. Then, if you did it right, can take out the screws.

Now, after you have the case off, you can get to the insides. There are screws atatched to the board, but we do not need to take these off.

Step 3: Locating and removing the old crystal

Picture of locating and removing the old crystal
Now to find the crystal. On the top half of the motherboard, to the right of the cpu, is the crystal. It looks like a small black rectangle and on it are the words: KDS 8.25.

To remove the crystal, get a small pair of vice grips, and clamp the crystal with it. Move the vice grips back and forth, and, if done correctly, the crystal will come off. Be careful not to break off any surounding parts though. Now there should be some visible contacts where the crystal was attatched. This is where we will solder the new one to.
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admin6 years ago
Hey, this is a great instructable and is very informative. Just one thing is missing... pictures! It really helps a lot when trying to follow directions so you should consider taking some photographs. Once you do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks! Thanks for the cool instructable and we hope to publish this soon!

*GASP!!!!!* THE ADMIN!!!

achris43213 years ago
Is it possible to control how faster it gets like a on and off button? or more to less like a volume.
will this work on a gameboy advance?
themadhacker (author)  the "wow shammy"5 years ago
of course!

However, keep a few things in mind. a GBA uses a 4 mhz crystal rather than an 8 mhz like the gbc. So when  overclocking a GBA, just add an 8 mhz crystal.
could you save money and use the 8 mhz crystal from the game boy and solder it into the GBA?
Gaklennox4 years ago
Great instructable, just did this to mine with a 14mhz and playing pokemon is intense, thanks a million
Doctor What6 years ago
You might want to use macro mode. Its the little flower on your camera. It's better for taking closer shots. Good instructable though!
...umm not all cameras have that,ive seen it on one of those Nikon(am i right) pro cameras
most cameras do
zack247 Kasm2794 years ago
mine doesn't
Kasm279 zack2474 years ago
What kind of camera is it? o.O
zack247 Kasm2794 years ago
a samsung digimax 101. my macro mode is a magnifying glass held in front of it
Kasm279 zack2474 years ago
Oh, I thought you meant you didn't have macro mode.
zack247 Kasm2794 years ago
i dont
Arundul4 years ago
when i tried to clamp the crystal with the vice grips it shattered and there was only the base left is there some special part to grap it on or what
themadhacker (author)  Arundul4 years ago
to the left of the crystal there are 2 little solder joints going from it. solder to those and you will be fine
polola5 years ago
Hello, I have a problem, I did the steps, on which you comment, and all good, but when I ignite it, the sound well, but the lcd does not have image, I wait for his(her,your) help. Thank you
you may have disconnected the lcd wires or the mrz are too high
themadhacker (author)  usaeagle095 years ago
Actually, I have found out recently that the highest mhz it can go before being destroyed it 69. So I doubt he had too much speed.
Thats quite the odd number lol
sorry mhz
themadhacker (author)  polola5 years ago
hey, are you the guy on benheck? Read your topic there. I have answered it a while back.
can i add a switch to this
I know I am. All you would need to do is pull up one side (or remove the original crystal) and make a small circuit that switches through either the original or the new one.
themadhacker (author)  Asuraku5 years ago
yeah, and I have done this, but you can not switch from slow to fast while playing. Only fast to slow.
soo than how do you go back to fast? do you need to  desolder the slower crystall or does it switch back after you turn power off
Kasm279 guydie54 years ago
You switch the speed back to fast when the system is off.
so the old crystal has 4 leads and the new one has 2, do you sodder the two top leads and the 2 bottom leads together? sorry the picture is a little blurry... And if you do solder them together, will it ruin the old crystal if you want to leave it on and add a switch to change between the two?
just solder to the leads on the left side of the crystal. Oh, and it will not ruin it to add a switch.
you solder the leads on the left side of the old crystal together? How about the right side?
no, solder TO the leads
 Kind of silly commenting on such an old instructable. But would a 27.195 Mhz crystal from an Xmods controller work?
i think the higher the mhz the faster, so oyu'll have a considerably faster gameboy. i say try it!
zack2474 years ago
awesome! im gonna buy a gameboy just for this. (and so i can play pokemon blue again)
Liteachey5 years ago
can a gamecube crystal be fitted, orwould it have too many mhz?
Solderguy6 years ago
Will this make the games play faster, or make the Game Boy faster?
If you've ever used an emulator, it's like using the speed settings to change the rate the game plays. Visual Boy Advance demonstrates this really well. If you're want to see this in action, I suggest homebrew applications for it.
themadhacker (author)  finkdog20045 years ago
Personally, I have never used an emulator before. I am going to have to check this out. Sounds interesting.
Yeah does it?
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