Step 8: Finish Clamp

Picture of Finish Clamp
07B - Clamp.jpg
07C - Drying.jpg
This step adds felt to the clamp and assembles it for drying. To operate the clamp, set the outermost wingnut so that its space is approximately the size of the clamping surface, then tighten the centermost wingnut.

  • Rubber Cement
  • Felt (Scrapbooking / Thin Type)
  • Top Assembly
  • Bottom Workpiece
  • 2 of #10 Washers
  • 2 of #10-24 Wingnuts
  1. Cut out two felt pads for the clamp.
  2. Attach felt pads to clamp using a coat of rubber cement applied to wood.
  3. Attach a wingnut followed by a washer to the outermost screw of the top assembly.
  4. Slide the bottom workpiece onto the top assembly.
  5. Attach a washer followed by a wingnut to the centermost screw of the top assembly.
  6. Attach the clamp onto a spare piece for drying.