Our entire family is very creative and we all love finding ways to recycle and reuse stuff. So when my wife suggested making an oversized pocket watch with an old alarm clock and stuff we had lying around, I jumped on it. We both made design decisions before and during the build and I did most of the actual fabrication and finished it in one day.

I do want to stress that we used only what we found around the house and shed so the materials we used may not be something you have. If you don't, no need to worry as part of the fun of a project like this is seeing what you can make with what you have.

This is my first Intructable, so forgive me if I miss something, don't go into enough detail, or for not enough pictures during certain steps (which I realize happened for one for sure). Feel free to ask questions and for clarification or suggestions on anything you feel you need to. I'll try to answer quickly and to the best of my ability.

Now let's get to it.

Step 1: Gather your materials

Old alarm clock
Broken stainless steel flour shifter
Decorative metal leaf
Ornate switch from an old  table lamp
Double ended brass clip
Small chain from a dog leash
Cone from the base of a broken kids pedestal fan
Empty candy tin
Small brass hinge (not pictured)
Piece of dense packing foam (not pictured)
Brass wire (not pictured)
Small nut and bolt (scavenged from alarm clock) (not pictured)
Locking nut (not pictured)

Tools & Supplies:
Rubber mallet
Screw drivers (not pictured)
Dremel Tool with cut-off disc (not pictured)
File (not pictured)
Pliers (not pictured)
Wire cutters (not pictured)
Sand paper (not pictured)
Super glue(not pictured)
Scissors (not pictured)
Utility knife (not pictured)
Silver spray paint
Masking tape (not pictured)

Again, as this was literally pieced together with what we found laying around, it may be impossible for someone to have the exact items we used. Also, a few items we initially thought would work didn't and we had to make spur of the moment replacements, so not everything in the pictures was actually used.

Part of the fun of building something like this is seeing what you can create with what you have, so see what you have and figure out how you can use it before going out looking for exactly what we used.

I also want to apologize for not having pictures of all the tools used. I now have a better idea of how to do things for my next instructable.
<p>But,did you make larger pockets?You will need them.</p>
That is awesome. Keep recycling in smart ways!
I'm trying to make something like this out of my old wall clock... If you have any tips please respond. I'm trying to make a flat coating for the outside-aluminum foil isn't working... Here it is so far, it's very wrinkly.
Nice job! Funny you did this; the earliest portable timepieces were just about the size you've done here!
That looks very cool
Thank you. It was a lot of fun to build.

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