Step 4: Spiral construction at a snails pace.

Picture of Spiral construction at a snails pace.
Photos don't show the first stages of construction as the idea to create an instructable from this project came slightly later in the project.

The hose was spun on to the frame starting at the middle and working outwards. We took a lead of around 6ft and attached to one leg of the frame, then we guided it in to the middle to begin the spiral. There were issues with kinks and worked out that at around 5in from the lip of the fitting the curve was easy enough that we could form the shape without kinking the hose. I marked out this 5 in using a marker and fastened the hose to the frame to begin the spiral. Working in chunks of around 4 to 5 rotations seems to work well until the later stages of construction. After each set of rotations you loosely fasten the hose using zip ties. Working from the last tightened point you guide the coil so that the hose sits evenly next to the previous loop. Too tight and it will overlap, too loose and it will cause grief on the next loop.