Step 6: Spiral deployment and finishing touches

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Once the work was completed we carefully migrated the beast to the roof. We setup on the south facing side of the house. We fastened a rope to the center of the frame and tied it off on the north side of the house to prevent the coil from sliding down the roof. Once it was secured we connected the garden hose adapters to each of the leads coming from the coil and hooked up the cold water feed and hot water return hoses to the coil. (Note: Both our connector where female so we ran the return hose backward with the female end in the spa.) After the hoses were connected we hooked the cold water feed hose up a regular garden hose faucet and charged the system so to speak using the house hold water pressure. Once the water was completely through the system we connected the cold water feed to a pump in the spa and ran it for a test drive. Voila! it worked the pump was pumping water through the coil and it was returning to the spa.

I will update this instructable with thermal findings once we get a full day to test the system.

comment on ganaanaq2 post:

you missed the mention of OUTDOOR zip ties in the parts listing - as they are less UV sensitive, they make a LOT of difference in the life expectancy of the fasteners.
gana_anaq23 years ago
i like the project ideea , simple and practical. I see only a hidden mistake, from the fixing the plastic tube. You used plastic self locking clips and from my experience this after a few years of beeing kept on the sun , the plastic become very hard and fragile ... so i sugest to put a metalic wire between the pipe and the metalic cross. Otherwise it is possible to se one time a big black flower in the roof :))
danzo3213 years ago
Seems like you could use the water pressure in the system (plus gravity) to fill hottub with hot water as you push in cold water for the next time you want some hot. OR are you re-heating what has already been heated? I just know if I turn on my garden hose, first flow would kill my plants it's so hot.
petastream (author)  danzo3213 years ago
We run the water through the system when we first fill the spa up, after that we use the system to recirculate the water during the day. If we leave the water stagnate on the roof for a few hours then turn the system on the water coming from the return line is around 150 fahrenheit.