Step 7: Full Integration

Picture of Full Integration
This part of the process is completely custom based on your particular spa and how everything is setup. In our case the spa is on our back porch area next to the house so plumbing some PVC and running it up the wall was incredibly easy. We started by mapping out the current way the water cycles through the internal spa heating system. After some trial and error we ended up adding a 3/4" barbed T fitting inline with the internal heater pump. The return from the roof is feed back in to the spa system and enters the water through a small vent at the bottom of the spa. The pump that is currently installed is a small magnetic pump that is installed to simply help cycle the water through the siphon system. The overall flow is around 1GPM through the solar loop. A check valve was installed to help prevent water that had been heated being recycled through the coil and valves were installed on the outside of the spa to allow us to isolate the coil plumbing from the spa for maintenance. The rest of the plumbing was pretty straight forward, we went a little over the top by using pipe insulation but hey if your going to do it, you do it right! :)