This Instructable is for anyone interested in Autodesk's Pier 9 Workshop.

The Pier 9 Workshop has a brand new website!

Please visit us HERE for current projects, events, and updates about the happenings at the workshop. For more information about the Artist in Residence Program, please see their new site, or fantastic vimeo channel.

As of 08.2015, this instructable will no longer be maintained.


Welcome to the Pier 9 Workshop!

We are excited to open the doors to this world-class fabrication facility on the San Francisco Bay.

Our state-of-the-art facility exists to serve three main goals:

  • The interface between software and hardware is becoming more important to how people design and make things, and thus more important to our business. Deeply understanding this connection requires hands-on experience. We have many high-end, production-level machines because we expect even consumer-level hardware to very soon have extremely sophisticated capabilities.
  • We want to create a place to demonstrate and showcase the things we make, be it software, hardware, or ideally, the combination of both.
  • We intend to explore and push the boundaries of our software and hardware tools, and to create an environment where people try and succeed in doing what is currently thought impossible. While it is extremely rare that production-level tools are available in a non-production environment, it is just this type of environment that fosters innovation.

The workshop is primarily open to employees and artists-in-residence. We expect that they will amaze and surprise us with their creations, and inspire the tools we build, our customers, and us.

Our facilities include: a cutting edge digital fabrication lab, a woodworking shop, a metalworking shop, a 3D printing lab, laser cutting and printing capabilities, an electronics workshop, a commercial test kitchen, and an industrial sewing center as well as smaller specialty project areas.

Step 1: Becoming a Shop User

If you are an Autodesk Employee and would like to become a shop User, the first step is to take the Global Workshop Safety Training (online ~1hour) that is offered through the Employee Learning Center (ELC). After completing this course, you will be prompted to sign-up for the On-site Pier 9 Orientation. Once you have completed both portions, you will be granted badge access to the workshop, allowed use of hand tools and portable tools, and you will have access to give tours of the workshop to visitors.

Sign up for the Global Workshop Safety Training to get started.

This pair of online and onsite trainings is a mandatory prerequisite for use of the shop at any level and is required before taking the individual Machine Training Courses.

If you would like access to the Commercial Test Kitchen, follow the steps outlined in the Kitchen Instructable.

WOW! I didn't know it was that big!
<p>it is really really big but the pictures make it look bigger</p>
<p>I agree, after visiting last summer, it is bigger than I imagined! But these pictures did a great job making it look bigger!</p>
<p>Why did you re-send this message after a couple days?</p>
<p>I didn't think you read it the first time</p>
<p>how could I download the &quot;Pier 9 Saftey Manual&quot; file? </p>
Hi Han.nara.16- <br />I am attaching the Visitor Safety Manual that we share with the public. Enjoy!
<p>So this is where makers go when they die.</p><p>- TASM</p>
<p>Wow! That's all I can say</p>
Oh boy, this must be the workshop where dreams are made. Walhallanirvanaheavenesque...
And why was this very nice article never featured? :-)
<p>Probably because it is only for AutoDesk employees. Looks to me like it is not open to the general making public. Am I wrong?</p>
<p>where to find spatial data, how to use powerful open source software to analyze and map spatial data for 3d printing for a city of Tijuana, Baja California, similar of the made for San Francisco City in your Autodesk&acute;s Pier 9 workshop? Built at Autodesk's Pier 9 workshop here using two Objet Connex 500 printers, it took just over two months to make -- including the time required to build prototypes, and cost under $20,000 in materials to make, said Autodesk senior product manager Justin Lokitz.the model showcases 115 blocks of the city and weighs in at about 150 pounds of 3D printed resin, said Chalmers. Based primarily on city planning documents and architectural drawings, the model is meant to be as realistic as something done at a scale of one to 1,250 can be.</p>
This must be the place called Heaven!

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