Overwatch's 3D Printed Tracer Gun With Electronics


Introduction: Overwatch's 3D Printed Tracer Gun With Electronics

Replica of the Tracer Gun from the game Overwatch.

The 3D model was designed having in mind the print by color assembly. In this way no painting is required.

The gun features inside Adafruit electronic components and the leds can be controlled from an iPhone.

3D model done with Rhino 3D



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    This turned out looking really cool! Very nice looking prop gun!

    If you wanted to, it would be cool to see some more info on the build process--maybe a written step or two. I bet some people would also love it if you shared your print files! ;)

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    Thank you, i will think about to write the different step i need to do, and about the file i'm thinking to share it, i'm just thinking at the best way to do it

    Yeah, no worries!

    You can explore the site and see what kind of documentation you like from other authors, and then just imitate their style. That's how I learned when I started sharing my projects here years ago.

    When you have a video of your project, sometimes it works well to just grab a few key still images from it to share, which can be very helpful. A lot of visitors are on mobile so doing video + some written steps can be a nice gesture.

    If you want to get your instructable featured, here's a guide that outlines some of the elements required for that. Worth a look if you're interested: https://www.instructables.com/community/Featuring-Checklist/


    Ok nice, i will try to find some time the next week to update the project, thank you again, i will like to be featured